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Shad2023: Bright Youth Prepare for Life-Changing Experience

Shad offers are out (!!) and incoming participants from all corners of Canada have been eagerly celebrating their upcoming #Shad2023 experience. Many are sharing their Shad spirit with pennants and banners proudly displayed in their communities.

Empowering Black entrepreneurship: A conversation with
Dr. Osman Hamid, Shad Program Director

Dr. Osman Hamid, Founding Director of Creativity and Entrepreneurship at Ontario Tech University, (and a Shad Program Director!) provides marginalized youth with entrepreneurship opportunities through the Black Entrepreneurship and Skilled Trades Program.
Dr. Hamid shares his story and encourages students to embrace failure and learn from their mistakes. 

Next-Level Learning: Two New Campuses on the Horizon

New campus alert:

Thompson Rivers University has joined the Shad community!
This Shad campus will launch in 2023.
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New campus alert:

University of Lethbridge has joined the Shad community!
This Shad campus will launch in 2024. 
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Showcasing Innovation: Shad Canada's presence at Science Fairs across Canada

Shad has been visiting science fairs across the nation. Shad acts as official judges for top science projects and in some cases gives awards to deserving students making a science impact through unique ideas and projects.
Shad will be at the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Edmonton. If you are attending, be sure to stop by our booth or come to one of our presentations.


Mindfulness through origami: Shad alum Jackie Han

Shad alum, Jackie Han founded Origami Canada, a non-profit organization that unites experienced origami enthusiasts and delivers free instruction in the community. 
Jackie learned origami at five years old in China, and has since inspired thousands of people across countries, winning awards such as the Ontario Medal for Young Volunteers.


Throwback to Shad2022: Paper Crane Studio uses gaming to tackle mental health

A design team at Shad-Laurier whipped up an incredible video game for youth during the design challenge. Their take on wellness was to address youth loneliness and deliver tools that empower through gaming.
Did you know? Thanks to donor generosity, students with barriers to success get the financial help they need to take their place at Shad. One-third of participants need a hero like you.
Will you be the difference for someone this year?

Community News Roundup:

  • Vanessa Memeh, Graeme Hanks, Jocelyn Kuntsi, Ellen Brisley, and Neila Selouani are all newly awarded Loran Scholars recognized for their exceptional leadership qualities and dedication to making a positive impact in their communities.

  • Girls in STEM event by Black Gold School Division had 126 female students participating at West Haven Public School, with support from local businesses and sponsors empowering young women in the STEM field.

  • Shad CEO, Tim Jackson discusses the importance of empathy and embracing failure in entrepreneurship on the New Wave of Entrepreneurship podcast. He highlights the value of creating long-term impact and pursuing leadership in all sectors.

  • Maya and Lauren's, journey showcases resilience and creativity. Celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science by inspiring and supporting young women in science to pursue their passions and overcome failure.

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