Put your entrepreneurial spirit to work
with a Shad fundraising campaign

In addition to receiving a bursary or scholarship, there are many ways for students to raise funds to help cover the cost of the program. Each year, there are students admitted to Shad who create their own fundraising campaigns and work with friends, family, and members of their community to raise funds to help cover the program fees.

Learn the details of how one alum fundraised to support his own Shad journey.

Note: We respectfully request that you check with us first before connecting with Shad’s donors. In most cases, they can only flow funds to a registered charity like Shad (not to an individual). We can likely save you some time!

Getting Started

You already know how much your Shad experience will cost. Now you need to determine how much money you will need to raise, how you are going to do it, and how you will keep track of it all!

Sit down to review your resources and assess what money you already have including personal savings, contributions from parents/family/legal guardians, and any bursaries Shad offered you.

Once you know how much you already have, it’s easy to determine what you will need to raise. We strongly recommend involving your parents/guardians in this process.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a daunting task and doing it successfully is not an exact science. In most cases, success is equal to how much effort and determination you put into it.

What is absolutely crucial is support from family, friends, and people who can contribute their time, advice, skills, and ideas. Think of them as partners in your fundraising efforts.

who to ask

  • Family Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins
  • Friends, parents of friends, and neighbours
  • Cultural associations + Religious community Elders, Religious leader, congregation
  • Work contacts Supervisor, coworkers
  • Organizations Athletic clubs/teams, Scouts/Guides, musical affiliations, places where you volunteer
  • Educational community Board of Education, principal, teachers, classmates
  • Businesses Local merchants, banks, supermarkets, law firms, realty firms, insurance companies, auto dealers
  • Organizations Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, Optimists Clubs, Civitan Clubs, school board, your school

Making Contact

Rehearse your “ask”
You should be very comfortable with approaching people and your case. Be able to explain why they should support you. To help, try practicing answering these questions:

  • Why you applied to Shad
  • How you felt when you were accepted
  • What you hope to learn at Shad
  • How you believe Shad will support your future
  • How you’ll be able to make an even stronger contribution in your community as a result of Shad

Research Shad
You may need to answer a number of questions about the program, and you should be as prepared as possible.

Prepare a letter requesting a donation
You can leave this behind as a reminder and it can be used when you are unable to speak to someone in person, or you can mail it. (Note: the best way to contact people is always face-to-face.)

Be presentable
It is important you make a good impression.

Follow up
If you have not heard back within a week (9 times out of 10 they won’t call you), call to see if there has been any progress. Follow up a mailed letter with a phone call asking if you can come in to meet them in person.

Tips & Tricks

Keep track of the money you raise
You should always be aware of how much money you’ve raised and where the money came from. Remember that you are now responsible for every penny of the raised funds.

Have fun
Raising the money will be hard work but it should also be fun. You should feel good about what you are doing and be proud of your efforts.

Be brave and bold
Asking for financial contributions can be intimidating and difficult. Practice your ask and make sure you are comfortable with your message.

Help comes in many forms
Not everyone you approach will be willing or able to donate, but they may be willing to help in other ways.

Believe in what you are doing
This is perhaps the most important tip. If you do not believe in what you are doing, how are you going to convince others?

Keep motivated
Fundraising is hard work and there will be bumps along the way. It is important to always keep your goal in mind. Remembering why you are doing this work will help you stay focused and motivated.