Make the Shad Dream a Reality

Thanks to donor generosity, Shad has expanded its STEAM and entrepreneurship program into 19 universities across Canada serving 1,000+ students each year. Participants will join a growing Shad network of 19,000+ founders and CEOs, academics, social entrepreneurs, healthcare leaders, best-selling authors, and AI innovators.  

Expansion: Donors help Shad grow and expand to meet demand 

  • Dedicated outreach
    intentionally seeking youth from rural/remote, economically vulnerable and other underrepresented areas
  • Program growth
    more program places for more deserving youth year-over-year, to empower as many youth as possible
  • New locations
    more universities, to add depth and breadth to Shad experiences in all regions of Canada
  • 21st century STEAM-content
    more hands-on access to leading STEAM experts, workshops and labs, to deliver relevant, impactful Shad experiences
  • More professors and business experts
    expanded and enhanced seminars, lectures and interactive sessions, and real-world application of STEAM concepts
  • Robust Shad network
    lasting connections to education advice, career support and mentorship at critical life stages
  • Bursary support
    increased by 50% to >$1-million in three years, to match demonstrated student need

“It is crucial that this program continues to receive the financial support it deserves. Without this aid it is not possible for students from low income families to receive the same opportunities as their peers. This program has a special place in my heart and I look forward to donating in the future; it is crucial that this experience remains accessible to all students regardless of their financial situation.” 

Gurnoor Kaur Minhas, Brantford, Ontario

Inclusivity: Donors fuel accessibility, diversity and inclusion

Shad recognizes that the capacity to love STEAM is not tied to gender, economic status, or ethnicity.  

Donors ensure Shad participants include bright young women, Indigenous youth, students from remote/rural parts of Canada, and those living in challenging financial circumstances.  Students are empowered to apply and accept their place with confidence and without the worry of financial burdens.

“I would not have been able to go to Shad without financial help. As a First Nation youth, coming to Shad was a big step to take but I was lucky to be able to go. Some families are able to pay for their children to go. I am lucky to have a donor who thinks I can make a change in the world.” 

Olivia Cahoose, Bella Coola, British Columbia

Financial Barriers: Donors crush financial barriers to participation 

Donor generosity allows youth to express endless curiosity, explore their love of learning, and strive for their full potential. 

  • Donors provide > $1-million in bursaries each year 
  • 30% of Shad participants qualify for & receive bursary support
  • Shad’s outreach team visits more schools in rural/remote, economically vulnerable and underrepresented areas every year

Many participants qualify to have their Shad costs covered by bursary support, including travel. Others need a smaller boost to make their Shad dream a reality. 

“I was hesitant to apply to Shad at first because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to afford the program, but when I received the bursary, I was no longer stressed about the cost of Shad, and instead I was able to let the excitement build. It was because of you that I had the opportunity to build on my knowledge of a diverse range of subjects, and it was because of your generosity that I found a Shad family that I never knew was missing from my life, and for that I will be forever grateful.” 

Keiran Andrews, Hunter River, Prince Edward Island

Shad community partnerships

Shad is committed to reaching vulnerable youth across Canada and has partnered with a number of community organizations that connect directly to underserved populations.  

These organizations have feet on the ground, delivering programs and services in Indigenous, rural and remote and economically vulnerable communities. These long and sustainable relationships identify Shad-ready participants and build a continuum of support for disadvantaged youth.