Why does Shad need donations, if participants pay a fee?

The participant fee covers 2/3 of the actual cost for a student to attend Shad. Donor generosity keeps the participant fee reasonable. In addition, through donors, Shad provides bursaries for students who require more help — up to and including the full cost of the program, plus travel.

How much does Shad need to raise each year?

Current need is $3 million and growing, as programming and participant numbers grow to meet demand. As Shad succeeds in reaching more vulnerable youth, so does the need to increase financial support, to ensure vulnerable youth can accept their offer with confidence.

What’s Shad’s impact?

After close to 40 years, the results are in. 85% of Shad participants study science, technology, engineering or math as undergrads. More than half of Shad’s participants each year are bright young women and many go on to receive awards like Loran Scholarships and Schulich Leader Scholarships for post-secondary education. A large majority continue to live and contribute their talents in Canada. Shads are delivering on their promise becoming STEAM leaders who are making strong positive impacts at work, at home, and in their communities. Donors make it all possible.

What is Shad Canada’s charitable registration number?

11883 0025 RR0001

Is there a difference between individual, corporate and foundation donors?

Shad is fortunate to have caring supporters from each of these groups, and you’re all equally important! Many supporters have been engaged with our mission for years or decades. Shad is committed to creating custom partnerships, offering a range of opportunities that meet your goals, with demonstrated accountability and impact.

What can I expect after I donate?

You’ll be contacted promptly with grateful thanks for your gift. You’ll receive your charitable receipt in a timely fashion. You’ll have complete access to our team for answers to your questions. Your information will be safeguarded with the utmost respect for your privacy. You’ll hear from us with updates and news, so you know how your gift made a difference. If your partnership with us includes specific goals, we’ll make sure you know exactly how they were accomplished.

Why should I donate to Shad?

Your support isn’t so much TO Shad, as THROUGH Shad – to the future of Canada’s up-and-coming STEAM leaders and changemakers. Your visionary support will transform young futures – and the country’s economic and social vitality.

Who can I contact for donor-related questions?

Contact Mary Dever