Valerie Chort, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship, RBC

“We have a collective opportunity to prepare young people for the opportunities and ambiguities of the future.”

Valerie Chort, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship, RBC

Generous donor support provides extraordinary live-in STEAM and entrepreneurship programs for driven, aspirational youth across Canada. Your generosity allows students to express endless curiosity, explore a love of learning, and strive for their full potential.

Through Shad, participants will:

  • hone their science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) skills 
  • follow their passion for STEAM
  • shape their educational paths
  • develop their workplace readiness
  • build their skills and networks 
  • explore their enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship

Your financial support will have lasting impact by changing lives and positively transforming Canada’s STEAM future.

Shad recognizes that the capacity to love STEAM is not tied to gender, economic status, or ethnicity. Shad is focused on growing participation and maintaining inclusive communities where gender, cultural, geographic and socioeconomic disadvantages are not a factor in reaching their STEAM potential.  

Shad Stories

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Ali Asaria

Transforming Business with CEO and Founder of Tulip Retail

More than 20 years ago, Ali Asaria and peers developed a rooftop garden concept for Shad’s Real-World Design Challenge. They pitched their idea to a panel of investors after a month of hard work and ...
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CEO shares importance of collaboration, exploring business and technology at Shad

Andrew Sloss has always been fascinated with technology and business. This passion inspired him to attend the University of Waterloo for Systems Design Engineering, to pursue roles at fast-growing, technology-driven companies, and to even start ...
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STAN Shad Panelists

Shad Speaks at STAN – Calgary, Alberta

In February, Kara Pettinger, Shad’s Director of Strategic Initiatives moderated a panel discussing the gender impact on STEAM and entrepreneurship programs at STAN’s 2020 Conference: Sparking Curiosity. Joining Kara onstage as our panelists were three ...
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