“The best investment you can make is to give your time and your passion to others. Networks are built by authentic efforts to add value, to truly connect. Build your network by sharing and caring. Create friendships, not contacts. That will lead to success and happiness.”

David Chilton, Canadian author, investor and former venture capitalist on Dragons’ Den. 

The Shad Network is an impressive and powerful group of changemakers. Launched in 1981, with 42 alumni who completed the first Shad program at St. Andrew’s College.

And now, after 40 years we’ve grown:
•             Over 22,000 Shad alumni between 16-56 years
•             Alumni in Canada and 54 international countries
•             >35% are in post-secondary/graduate education and starting careers
•             >60% have established careers in a variety of STEAM professions

The Network is as diverse as the Shad program, and includes founders and CEOs, international academics, social entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, best-selling authors, AI innovators, and of course, high-performing students.

It includes a range of individuals at various stages of education, career and business success—from start-up to million-dollar organizations, Rhodes Scholars and university honours, and philanthropists and social entrepreneurs.

Shad alumni’s passions, projects and careers are strikingly diverse but are united by a commitment to challenging conventions, exploring new ideas, and creating solutions that make Canada, and the world, a better place.

Meet some of our Shad Alumni