Shad's Quarterly Newsletter

Spring 2024

Next-Gen Leaders: The Faces of #Shad2024

Offers for Shad2024 have been accepted and the excitement is palpable with our incoming participants. The Shad team has started preparing for a summer to remember and students will be receiving their exclusive hoodies and campus guides in the next few weeks.

The Science Fair Journey

It is science fair season across the country and Shad is plugged in as judges, workshop hosts and award presenters. We also host a booth at the Canada Wide Science Fair which is a hub for alumni to gather, connect, reminisce and find connections to take their projects even further. 


From Inspiration to Impact: A Science Educator's Influence

Inspired by her science teacher, Suhani embarked on a transformative Shad experience, advancing a vital water filtration project for Indigenous communities. Shad is the place to put passions into action and find a community of changemakers to build with.


Shad Alumni Spotlight

Empowering Change: Celebrating Hamid Ali and Shanya Samuel's Contributions to STEAM During Black History Month

Shad alumni, Shanya Samuel and Hamid Ali, made headlines during Black History Month. Hamid is making a difference in medicine through dedication and education. Shanya’s work in STEAM, motivated by growth and Black excellence, is breaking barriers and encourages young people. Their stories highlight ambition and the drive required to be true changemakers. 


Kayla Gauthier, was honoured at the Global Undergraduate Awards for Health Sciences research. She started her journey at Shad2017 at Memorial University which led to an internship at Karolinska Institute and reinforced her desire to pursue a research-focused academic path. Kayla highlights the incredible contributions women are making in the sciences and the important role they play for other women pursuing careers in STEAM.

Victoria Yu and Ayah Mohieldein work with Superposition Toronto to bridge the gender gap in STEAM. They organize events showcasing female role models and expose young girls to broader STEAM fields, inspired by their own experiences in male-dominated environments. Their Shad experiences reinforced their dedication to inclusivity in STEAM, guiding their impactful efforts to inspire and empower young women to pursue science and technology confidently.

Inspire the Next: Be a STEAM Dream-Maker with Shad

What rhymes with STEAM? DREAM! Will you be someone’s STEAM dream-maker for summer 2024? You can turn hopes into reality. Your gift will guarantee barrier-free access to Shad, for youth who need you most. Need is high – Shad’s financial support budget had to increase by 10% and it’s still climbing. Please give the gift of Shad, where every donation makes a difference. 

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