Don't let cost stop you from pursuing
your Shad journey

Bursaries are financial gifts provided to students by Shad to cover all or part of the program fees. Shad’s bursaries are awarded to students with demonstrated financial need and are intended to ensure that cost is not a barrier to any deserving student attending one of our programs.

Bursary Amounts

Shad offers bursaries in these increments to help cover the cost of the Shad program

Shad’s bursary budget can change year to year based on demand and donor contributions

apply for a bursary

All applicants are given the opportunity to request a bursary as part of their application. It is recommended that students apply for ALL the financial supports they are eligible for.

In order to be considered for a bursary, you MUST complete the financial aid form included in the Shad program application.

Because our bursaries are needs-based, a family’s demonstrated need will be assessed based on financial information provided by a parent or guardian. A link to the necessary financial support form is available within the program application.

Financial need will NEVER impact your application status.

Though we cannot meet every request for financial support, we strive to meet as many applicant requests as we can. 1 in 3 students receive some kind of financial support to attend Shad, so don’t let costs stop you from submitting your application.