Shad's Quarterly Newsletter


Recruitment for 2023 complete

We stretched our recruitment season to 11 weeks (!!) so we could visit more classrooms, community groups and teacher associations to reach as many high school students across the country as possible. We worked alongside 383 Shad alumni to give close to 200 presentations and workshops across Canada.
Thinking about applying next year? We offer application writing workshops and design thinking workshops year-round. Contact Alvina for more information.

Shad application: The gift that keeps on giving

Shad is a competitive program and youth spend hours on their applications before submitting them. 
Insaf, a Shad alum and first year Computer Engineering student at the University of Waterloo, shares how her Shad application set her up perfectly to apply to university.

Exclusive Shad alumni event: Pitch Masterclass with Volition

Calling all Shad alumni — Shad is offering an exclusive online Pitch Masterclass with Volition, on January 19 at 1:30 p.m. PST. This one hour bootcamp is designed to teach entrepreneurs how to build and deliver an investor pitch that is clear, concise and compelling. 
Want more details? or to RSVP? Please reach out to Deborah Currie.

Belonging, identity and a safe environment at Shad

Shad alum, Sarina shares her story and Shad’s impact on her future career in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).
“Shad was the first educational experience I had that was diverse. It was the first educational experience I had that was inclusive. It was the first educational experience I had where I felt I could truly express my identity.” 

Generations of Shad

Shad alum, Gita always knew she wanted to apply to Shad because of the impact it had on her relatives.
She shares how her positive Shad experience has motivated her to encourage youth to pursue their passions in STEAM. 
FIRST Robotics Canada Scholarship Recipient
Shad alum, Jocelyn opens up about her love for robotics, the connections she made at Shad and her goals to make an environmental impact.

Please consider supporting students in need

Every year one in three participants require financial assistance to attend Shad. Kaitlyn’s story is filled with resilience, passion and a stubbornly beautiful belief in herself and her capabilities. Please consider helping students like Kaitlyn, your caring will make the difference!

Happy Holidays to the Shad community!

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to Shad. From all of us, to all of you, we wish you a joyful, peaceful and wonderful holiday season.

Community News Roundup:

  • Rishi Bansal, Shad2015, is named a 2023 Rhodes Scholar

  • Maya Lehki and Lauren Robinson's project Tackling Canada's Discriminatory Water Crisis: Optimizing SCOBY Biofilms to Develop Renewable Living Filter Membranes is published in the Canadian Science Fair Journal

  • Alexandra Cernat, Shad2012, is awarded the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship for her research centered in primary care

  • Annika Waschket and Alex Balbino share their team's journey taking their payload from an idea to an experiment in space on Blue Origin’s rocket.

  • Diya Laha reflects on her month at Shad2022 and how the experience left her feeling connected, challenged and changed

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