Shad is a life-changing opportunity for students from across Canada. Parents of our past Shad participants share what the program really meant to their child.

Hear From Parents Like You

“My daughter came home talking about taking more risks and getting to know more people in her community because she’s learned that ‘everyone has something to offer.’ She talks about feeling so much more autonomous, feeling confident in her own skin and in the skills and qualities that she brings to a table.”

Anne, Barrie, Ontario

“I cannot stress how grateful we are for how Shad helped my daughter find ‘her people’ and fit in and blossom. Thank you.”

Gina, Whistler, British Columbia

“I have to tell you that being among these kids at the end of the program is inspirational. Shad was the best experience of my son’s young life. My wife and I are grateful to Shad for what it has awakened in him. We believe that Shad will become an important Canadian institution for the leaders of the future.”

Eric, Toronto, Ontario

“I had heard great things about Shad over the years but the experience far surpasses any expectations that my daughter or I might have had. My daughter benefitted tremendously from the culture of Shad and its unique combination of belonging, acceptance, empowerment and unwavering belief that anything is possible.”

Caroline, Ottawa, Ontario 

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