Take a glimpse into Shad’s program and events.

There is something about the Shad community that allows people to be their true selves. Hear from Shad alumni about their experiences within Shad’s community.
Shad alumni talk about new passions, understanding what university life is like, and finding their direction for post-secondary during their Shad experience.
Connections, confidence, personal growth, lasting impact, and more. Hear from the students who went through it all at Shad.
What does it mean to belong? Students share how one month at Shad gave them community, comfort, and the courage to be who they are—no matter what.
More than 900 Shads across the country experienced hands-on learning in coding workshops delivered by industry leader Texas Instruments. This is how it happened, from start to finish.
Did someone say Nobel Prize? Shads heard from #Shad2021 keynote Dr. Arthur McDonald, Co-recipient of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics. And had an open Q&A on astrophysics, dark matter, and Dr. Arthur’s career.
Athena Goodale shares her passion for excellence and encourages Pathways students like herself to be bold, trust themselves and apply to Shad.
Ben Panet shares how ShadOnline opened up new possibilities in friendship, science and tech.
Victoria Sephton, an advocate for girls in STEM, shares how ShadOnline connected her with other young woman who are taking charge in STEM and in life.
Online communities are very real, says Kingsley Hurlington, Secondary School Vice Principal and ShadOnline Program Director.
What actually happens during a typical day at Shad, you ask? Here is a sneak peek into a day filled with hands-on labs, expert speakers, campus life and genuine moments of connection, learning and fun.
Sarah Gingles from Moncton, New Brunswick dreams of going into neuroscience at Dalhousie University. See how Shad is inspiring her and other girls in STEM.
Rob Gorbet, an Associate Professor at University of Waterloo describes the diversity at Shad.
Last year, Shad provided over $1-million in bursaries so the most deserving students could attend, regardless of their family’s income.

Secondary school teacher, Kingsley Hurlington explains the importance of having diversity in the program.
How Shad helped turn Michele Romanow into a serial entrepreneur & Dragon before she turned 30
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