Who can apply?

High school students currently completing Grade 10, 11 ( Secondaire IV, V in Quebec) or the international equivalent are eligible to apply

What criteria is considered in the selection process?

Applicants are assessed on several factors including academics, extracurricular activities, creativity, innovation and commitment to excellence.

What is the minimum average that is needed to apply?

There is no cut-off average for applying. Applicants are assessed on several factors including academics, extracurricular activities, creativity/innovation and commitment to excellence.

When is the application due?

Applications for Shad2020 close on November 18, 2019 @ 11:59 PM (EST). 

Admission into Shad is competitive. Applicants need to put their best effort forward and not take the application process for granted.

Does the school need to nominate applicants?

No, applicants do not require a nomination from their school to be eligible to apply. There are no limits to the number of students that can apply and be accepted from one school. 

When will students know if they have been selected to attend the program?

We start contacting applicants by email in February, and will notify all applicants of their status. These notices will include either an offer of a place in the program, placement on a waiting list, or that we can no longer consider the student’s application.

Campus placements are confirmed by April.

Do students get to choose which campus they attend?

When a student applies to Shad, they will be asked to rank all of our campuses.

While we will try to accommodate preferences, please note that space is limited at each campus, and we also strive for diversity. It’s not about the campus; it’s about the Shad experience.

Is there any difference in the programs provided at the Shad campuses?

The Shad experience at every campus includes an immersive program of lectures, workshops, projects and activities that builds on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & math), introducing participants to a multi-disciplinary approach. With an excellent program team and exceptional students from across Canada at each campus, we build a community where students participate in a rich learning environment and are also able to experience the campus and its surroundings.

May students leave the program to attend another event?

No. Shad’s success depends on the community of Shads at each campus. If accepted into the Shad program, Shad participants must commit to attending full-time for the full 27-day period, including living on campus. There are no exceptions to the full-time commitment to the program, except for medical or family emergencies, or as required as an accommodation under applicable Human Rights Legislation.

What are the dates of the Shad2020 program?

Shad2020 will run from July 5 – 31.

What campuses offer the Shad program?

We proud to partner with 19 carefully-selected campuses across Canada.

During the program, can friends or family visit students? 

We understand that parents, friends or relatives may want to spend time with or visit the Shad participant during the program. However since our program teams spend a great deal of time building their Shad community over the course of the month, we do not encourage visiting until Open Day. It has been our experience that when some students can see their friends or relatives and others cannot, the community can be disrupted.

Open Day is held on the final Thursday of the program, and it is the prime opportunity to visit. Open Day is the perfect occasion to meet students and faculty/volunteers, check out innovative projects, and share the excitement of Shad.

What should I do if I require an accommodation under Human Rights legislation?

Shad Canada has a proud history of respecting the diversity of the community which we serve, with a goal of empowering youth across the country. In that respect, Shad is committed to providing a program that is safe and free of discrimination, and is committed to providing accommodation to individuals where required. Shad will provide accommodation to the point of undue hardship, upon request, throughout an individual’s involvement in the program.

If you would like to make a request for accommodation under Human Rights Legislation at any point in the Shad process, whether in the initial application process or after program acceptance, please send your request to info@shad.ca. Shad will attempt to meet all accommodation requests, unless doing so would cause Shad undue hardship.

How are students supervised during the program?

The safety and well-being of the students and staff is first and foremost a key priority for the Shad organization. With that in mind, we have a comprehensive Risk Management Policy to ensure a safe environment and a full complement of team members who live-in at each program.

Once a student is accepted into the program, included in the information package is a Program Handbook, which outlines the rules and expectations of students during the program.

How are the campus program teams comprised?

Well-qualified team members ensure that all aspects of the experience – academic, logistical, and social – exceed every expectation. They teach from their passion, not from a curriculum. Some team members live in residence for the duration of the program and become part of the community.

These dedicated team members have excellent credentials and many are top-rated university professors. Dozens of volunteers from all areas of the university and business community add to the mix to create a dynamic experience. All team members and volunteers subscribe to the highest code of conduct as defined and maintained by Shad.

Is the Shad program fee tax deductible?

The Shad program fee is not tax deductible and we therefore do not issue tuition receipts.