Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello, my name is Nate Powell. I am a grade 11 high school student from Ottawa, Ontario. My favourite course is communication technology. I am a competitive swimmer, and I recently started to learn the piano, which I really enjoy. I like to code, play chess and video games in my free time. 

Q: What interests you about STEAM?

My passion is learning about new advances in science and technology. I also enjoy creating various tech programs. 

Q: What was the biggest takeaway from your Shad experience?

Shad challenged my future interests. Before I attended Shad, I wanted to become an Aerospace Engineer because I love the idea of exploring new planets and solar systems in a spacecraft and with satellites. I still want to do that, but Shad showed me more career opportunities, such as in the field of engineering, maths, science and human kinetics. It also made me think of new ways to solve problems. I learned about design thinking for the first time, which I will definitely use for my technology course to design projects in school and in the future. 

Q: At Shad we are leaders in social innovation, how do you plan to use #STEAM4Good?

#STEAM4good has got me interested in exploring medical technology and programs to assist in better treatment and care for cancer patients. I am especially interested in Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green and her laser targeted cancer treatment.  

Q: What lessons would you share with incoming Shads?

I would encourage future Shads to meet new people. Be open minded to new ideas and take lots of notes! 

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