“Without the bursary you provided, I would have never seen stars or considered neuroscience as a post-secondary option. But most importantly, I would have never realized that I too can be a change-maker.” – SHAD Fellow 2015


SHAD is an investment in your future. It costs absolutely nothing to apply.  At our award-winning program, you will further develop important capabilities required for the 21st century.  This includes problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, social responsibility, contributing to your community and communication.  Upon completion of our four week enrichment program, you will also enjoy the lifelong benefits of being a SHAD Fellow.  



* For international students, the fee is $9,500 CDN.  More Details




SHAD Fellows and Horatio Alger Scholarship winners, Catherine Qi and Shahan Mahmood are change makers that had to overcome some sort of adversity. They share their journeys to SHAD and how our bursary program helps students, like them, thrive.

“The bursary you gave me is more than just money. It is an opportunity. Even though SHAD Carleton has ended, SHAD is still ongoing. I am not the same person that I was two months ago: I am more ambitious, more keen to learn, and more outgoing. The word thank you doesn’t even begin to express the scope of my gratitude, so I hope to display my gratefulness by taking what I’ve learned from SHAD to better this province by studying even harder and learning new things each day.” – SHAD Fellow 2015

“SHAD’s focus on accessibility has rewarded some of my students with the opportunity to attend SHAD that otherwise would have only been a dream.” – Nan Devitt-Tremblay, Educator, Senator O’Connor College School


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