Shad's Quarterly Newsletter

Winter 2023

Record number of applications for Shad2024

The love for STEAM and entrepreneurship continues to soar with a record number of applications for Shad programs next summer.

We provide school & community visits – virtually and in-person – to give students a introduction of design thinking through STEAM. This year we offered more than 550 demonstrations across the country. 

Looking for a Shad workshop/demonstration next semester? Contact Alvina.

Welcome University of Regina

We are thrilled to welcome the University of Regina to the Shad family. We are proud to partner with 23 Canadian post-secondary institutions to deliver the Shad program.
Know a campus that would like to run a Shad program? Contact Rob.


Preparing youth in their pathway to post-secondary pathway

Max Barten, Berens River First Nation shares how Shad opened his mind to endless possibilities and prepared him for his next step into university.


Shad alumni & 2023 scholarship winners

Amitis Iranmanesh, a Shad 2023 alum and YELL Scholarship recipient, is passionate about engineering and entrepreneurship. Her Shad experience fueled her interest in using engineering for social and environmental benefits. Amitis encourages future Shad participants to embrace new experiences and the value of connections formed during the program.

Charlotte Bolduc, an active First Robotics competitor and recipient of the Entrance Scholarship for Indigenous Students, combines her love for robotics and advocacy for Indigenous representation in STEM fields. As a Shad alum, she values the collaborative environment and the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems, aiming to inspire more Indigenous youth in STEM.

Ava Fischer, a Shad alum, channeled her environmental passion into an innovative project. She created an eco-friendly water purification system, gaining recognition at the Canada Wide Science Fair. Her achievement highlights the impact of STEAM education.

Nishka Rai, a STEAM advocate and Vice President of Women in Tech, actively challenges gender stereotypes in coding. A participant in the Canada Wide Science Fair and a Shad alum, Nishka integrates her passions for dance, arts, and piano with her STEAM pursuits. She emphasizes the importance of collaboration and aims to apply her skills for societal benefit.

Building a Brighter Future Together

Did you know? Every year, Shad dedicates several million dollars to program fee subsidies and financial support to make sure no participant is left out due to their financial circumstances. Caring donors who choose to help make it all possible! 

Meet Alishya, a Shad alum, who participated in 2006 thanks to the generosity of others – giving her the support she needed exactly when it mattered most. Now that Alishya’s able to help, she’s giving the gift of Shad to someone from her high school. Want to help someone too?

Happy Holidays from the Shad Team!

For over 40 Years, Shad Canada has worked to inspire youth to explore the power of STEAM and entrepreneurship and discover their potential to have a meaningful community impact. As we wrap up the year, we’re thankful for every question asked, every problem solved, and every new idea shared.

Thank you to all those who make it possible to create the space needed to nurture the next generation of innovative changemakers. Happy Holidays and wishing you a New Year filled with exciting things to learn and explore!

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