MONTRÉAL, Dec. 4, 2023 /CNW/ – At an emotion-filled ceremony held 34 years after the anti-feminist murders of December 6, 1989, Polytechnique Montréal today awarded the Order of the White Rose Scholarship to Zhouhang (Amelia) Dai, an engineering student who is committed to achieving an equitable energy transition and a more sharing future.

A University of British Columbia (UBC) chemical engineering graduate, Amelia has been graduate studies in chemical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) since this past fall. She plans to develop technical expertise in electrochemistry for applications in sustainable energy, as well as explore the interdependency between the technological, social, economic and political dimensions of the global energy challenge.

Polytechnique created the Order of the White Rose in 2014 as a way of paying tribute to and keeping alive the ambitions of the 14 women murdered on campus on December 6, 1989. The annual $50,000 scholarship is awarded to a Canadian female engineering student wishing to pursue graduate studies in that discipline in Canada or abroad.

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