Congratulations to the recipients of the Shad Entrance Scholarships for Black Students. 

Shad is committed to identifying young leaders who embody the willingness to go the mile for their community in an impactful way, and for overall excellence. These students inspire those around them through their changemaker capabilities and will continue to have a positive impact as they use their passion for STEAM to drive change. 

We had a chance to catch up with these future leaders to hear what they are looking forward to this summer and beyond. 

Ariyo hopes to use his passion for storytelling when innovating new technology. Clio hopes to build a career as a paediatric neurologist to help sick children. Ciparin is looking to use the skills and experiences gained through her studies to tackle important global issues, like justice, equality, and global cooperation. Efe sees a potential future in politics so that he can initiate positive change in his community and the country. Gregory plans to follow his love of STEAM into a career ensuring Canada’s “green” future. Mayuri is fascinated by the human brain, which has motivated her interest in STEAM and a future as a surgeon. Mazin hopes to use his entrepreneurial spirit to innovate and solve problems using technology. Nate wants to explore the field of aerospace engineering and expand his knowledge of computer science. Wisdom sees a future in medical science as a psychiatrist. Wesisa is an avid flute player who loves to explore where art and science intersect.

These entrance scholarships are specifically for students that have historically been underrepresented in STEAM fields.  The award offers a combined value of $100,000 and is fully funded by Shad and its generous donors. 

Click on the photos below to learn more about these changemakers.


                     Ariyo Ajibulu


                        Clio Smith 


                   Ciparin Mekonnen


                         Efe Moore


                 Gregory Odiwa 


                        Mayuri Kotak


                   Mazin Eltayeib 


                        Nate Powell


                          Wisdom Ojo



                      Wesisa Sifuma


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