Robotics, lasting connections and an environmental impact: Q&A with FIRST Robotics competitor, Jocelyn

Little did Jocelyn know that an opportunity to assist a robotics team with their business and marketing needs would lead her down a path to aspire a career in engineering or physics. Now in her final year as Captain of her FIRST Robotics Canada team and one of two FIRST competitors awarded a full scholarship […]

Generations of same family are ambassadors for Shad

For Gita Manhas, you could say Shad is all in the family. Her mother, aunt and uncle all attended when they were in high school. Different aspects of Shad resonated with each of them and inspired them, and they all shared their experiences with Gita. It was almost inevitable that she would participate herself. Gita […]

Cells, ion channels and antibodies: Shads probe into STEM research

Shad is a place where experts and experts-in-training connect. Our long-time partnership with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) provides an ideal opportunity to introduce participants to this important national science and technology research organization as well as some of the cutting-edge research that their scientists are doing to move research ahead in areas […]

Smart Shad questions fuel learning about nuclear waste management

Before anyone could jump in and say what everyone in the room may have been thinking, presenters from Canada’s Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) just put it out there: “No, real nuclear waste is not glowing green sludge like in The Simpsons.” They followed up with a picture to show that in fact, nuclear waste […]

Defining wellbeing: an expert discussion and Shad Design Challenge

How do you define wellbeing? It’s a term that’s become as popular as it is hard to pin down. Even more challenging is finding new ways to move towards this positive state of balance in your life. But the complexity of the topic is also what makes wellbeing such an inspiring topic for this year’s […]

Traffic lights and hearts and rovers, oh my!

The Shads huddled over the first exercise of their Texas Instruments workshop are mostly chatting amongst themselves and engaged in their work, but occasionally a cry can be heard breaking through the din: “I got it!” or “That is so cool!” Who can help but smile at these outbursts when you know that they come […]

Resilience: Shad alum talks health, timelines and learning to adapt when faced with adversity

Jayhan had a plan. She had decided in tenth grade that she was going to attend her dream program of Health Sciences at McMaster University. As she entered her final year at a small private school in Calgary, she directed all her energy towards making that aspiration a reality. She was taking International Baccalaureate courses […]

Strength in Community: Shad alum speaks about Indigenous History and finding community in academics, athletics and at home

When Kendrick Lounsbury received his Indigenous name earlier this month, it came at a poignant time for both him and his community. Currently in Surrey, BC, Kendrick is a member of the Kwakwak’awakw tribe. An Elder from his home community on Vancouver Island bestowed on him the name Gwayumgalis. It translates to The Great Whale […]

Loran Scholar 2022: Ryan Regier

To date, 105 Shads have been recognized with this 100K investment towards their undergraduate education.

Loran Scholar 2022: Julia Wright

To date, 105 Shads have been recognized with this 100K investment towards their undergraduate education.

Loran Scholar 2022: Emma Patchett

To date, 105 Shads have been recognized with this 100K investment towards their undergraduate education.

Meet the 2022 Loran Scholars

This spring, Shad2021 alumni Audrey Guo, Emma Patchett, Ryan Regier and Julia Wright received phone calls that left them surprised, excited and even at a loss for words. Soon after, the disbelief turned to gratefulness and honour as the news sunk in. They were told they were named Loran Scholars, recipients of Canada’s largest and […]

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