Laurentian University

Un nouveau campus Shad offrira une expérience bilingue dans un milieu nordique canadien

Partenaires Shad avec l’Université Laurentienne, au mandat triculturel, pour Shad 2020.

Laurentian University

New Shad campus to offer bilingual, Northern Canadian experience

Shad partners with tricultural university Laurentian University for Shad 2020.

You are Awesome book

New York Times bestselling author wants everyone to read more

Neil Pasricha on his upcoming book release and how Shad helped increase his confidence

Mathematics: Learning from adversity to helping teens understand finance

Part five of our STEAM story series: Mathematics

Arts: Whether she was in Lebanon or Saint John, NB, Alaa Al Rajeh always pursued art and inspired those around her

Part four of our STEAM story series: ARTS

Engineering: Creating solar lamps and valuing collaboration at Shad

Part three of our STEAM story series: ENGINEERING

Technology: Artificial intelligence and creating his first app, Ojas Bhatia hopes to use AI in his next project

Part two of our STEAM story series: TECHNOLOGY

Science: Five science fairs and counting, Abby Chapman shares her passion for chemistry, research, and learning from others at Shad

Part one of our STEAM story series: SCIENCE

Sciences : Déjà cinq expo-sciences derrière elle. Et ce n’est qu’un début. Abby Chapman partage sa passion envers la chimie, la recherche et l’apprentissage auprès des autres à Shad

Part one of our STEAM story series: SCIENCE

Anjali Dhaliwal shares highlights from Shad and her passion for leadership

Shad provided over $1-million in bursaries for students across Canada—Anjali is YELL’s bursary winner.

Shads explore Shopify, Google and Mount Sinai Hospital

After a jam-packed day with industry leaders, Shads learn valuable lessons about life after the classroom.

Students choose university based on Shad experience

Deciding on a school is difficult for any Grade 12 student, especially without having a sense of what learning or even living on the campus is really like. Two Shads explain how the program informed their choice to rethink their previous plans and pick a school that felt like home.

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