Celebrating Black Excellence: Shad Alum embraces a growth mindset to pursue her goals and champion representation in STEAM

As Shanya Samuel works to build the periodic table her and the other students from the Black Student Association have created to celebrate the contributions of Black individuals to STEAM fields, she feels inspired by the accomplishments of those who came before her. She had not always seen herself as the “right fit” for STEAM, […]

Celebrating Black Excellence: How one Shad Alum plans to pursue medicine as a means of giving back to his community 

As a young child, Hamid Ali accompanied his Mom to doctor’s appointments as she sought treatment for a work injury she had suffered. The experience had a lasting impact. From physiotherapists to specialists, he was fascinated by the breadth of knowledge and technical equipment available to practitioners to help treat people with medical ailments large […]

Women in Science: Shad Alum reflects on the important role female mentors played in her award-winning scientific research journey

When Kayla Gauthier was invited to present her research in the field of Health Sciences at the Global Undergraduate Awards (UA) in Dublin, Ireland last November, she felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and pride in the work she was being recognized for by one of the world’s leading academic awards programs. She had wanted […]

Putting the “A” in STEAM: Shad Alum shares how she builds community and belonging through dance education

For Bronwyn Roberts, representing the “A” in STEAM is something she feels passionately about. As a Dance Educator studying the ways in which dance can be used in the classroom and the community to enrich the learning experience and quality of life for both young and old, she understands the value of the Arts in […]

Finding Purpose and Taking the Lead: Shad Alum shares how she made her dream a reality by embracing her authentic self and showing up fully 

As a Leadership Coach and entrepreneur, Amanda Kwok knows a thing or two about personal journeys and how finding a path to a life of purpose isn’t always a straight line. That’s why she feels a real sense of gratitude for the work she does every day helping others to create space in their lives […]

Closing the Gap: Shad alums share their work to remedy the gender disparity in STEAM

For Ayah Mohieldein and Victoria Yu, seeing more women enter STEAM fields is not only something they hope for, but something they work towards every day in their roles with Superposition Toronto, a not-for-profit organization run by high school and university student volunteers whose mission is to help close the gender gap in STEAM. Ayah […]

Taking the Lead: Shad alumni mobilize the STEAM4Good Movement through the McCall MacBain Shad Leaders Program

Before Shad, Luke Heimpel, a Shad2020 alum, had never thought of himself as a “leader”, at least not in the conventional sense. He figured his quiet, more introverted nature precluded him from effectively taking on a leadership role, and he felt comfortable acting as a support, using his many skills to help those more outgoing […]

Being the Change: Shad Alums Recognized for their academic excellence and willingness to take the lead to influence positive change

Shad is always excited to celebrate the amazing alums who consistently demonstrate the kind of leadership and commitment to community building that makes our alumni so extraordinary. Katherine Dibbon, Shad2018, and Luke McCarvill, Shad2019, are two such alums who have been recognized as 2024 Rhodes Scholars for their academic excellence and outstanding social contributions. The […]

Pairing Grit with Ingenuity: Shad Alum uses STEAM to help solve healthcare problems

When Joshua Liu entered medical school in the fall of 2009, he thought he was simply following the path he had set for himself years ago.  Little did he know, it would be the start of an amazing journey that connected his passion for entrepreneurship with his desire to solve healthcare problems facing the Canadian […]

Next-Gen Leadership: Shad alum explore their passion for STEAM through entrepreneurship 

Before July 2009, had you asked Derek Jouppi where he’d be in 15 years, he would have told you he’d have finished a degree in mathematics, pursuing a career in actuarial science or computer programming. Yet, his Shad summer at Memorial University changed his trajectory and set him on an exciting entrepreneurial path that began […]

Feeling the Benefit: Shad2023 Alum shares how she earned extra credit for her time at Shad

Amitis at ShadCarleton in July 2023 When Amitis Hajmaghani applied to the Shad2023 program, she had post-secondary benefits on her mind. She had learned about the program from a peer at her school, who not only shared the ins and outs of the experience of going away to a university campus for a month, but […]

The Importance of Access: Dr. Alishya Burrell believes in paying the Shad experience forward

Dr. Alishya Burrell knew she wanted to be a physician from a young age. She set her sights on studying medicine in elementary school and looked for every science-related opportunity that came her way as she moved through school. So, when someone at her high school told her about Shad, she knew it was something […]

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