For the Love of Science: How a science fair winner used STEAM to help the visually impaired

Katelyn Wu has always been fascinated by science, her curious nature motivating her need to know how things work. Throughout school, she loved to learn and explore new ideas, believing that science offers a pathway to making a difference and having an impact.

Breaking Down Barriers: Shads pitch innovative design solutions to some of the living space challenges facing communities in Canada

Designing solutions for the many challenges facing Canada’s living spaces is something that might puzzle many of us; but not the Shads! In just four weeks, they produced some truly innovative and novel solutions for some of the most pressing issues affecting our communities. From bricks made of recycled plastic to transformational picnic tables to […]

Celebrating the Shad alum named 2023 Schulich Leaders

We are proud to celebrate fourteen of our Shad alum who have been honoured for their leadership and outstanding work in STEAM. Every year, the Schulich Foundation awards exceptional students from across Canada with a financial scholarship worth up to $100k towards their pursuit of a postsecondary degree in science, technology, engineering or math. Since […]

Engaging the Experts: Shads dive deep into important areas of research with some of Canada’s leading experts

Shad is not only a place where future leaders are challenged to solve real-world problems; it’s also where they gain some of the tools and knowledge needed to do so. This means introducing them to some of Canada’s leading researchers, those who spend their days working on solving the kinds of problems the Shads have […]

Cracking the Code: Shads get creative using coding to solve problems

As the Shads entered the lecture room, their faces a mix of trepidation, curiosity and excitement, they weren’t sure what to expect. They knew that they would be learning about coding but knew little else. Would it be a lecture? Computer work? It was anyone’s guess. Little did they know they’d be leaving the room […]

Sustainability, Accessibility, and Community: The Shads are challenged to reimagine living spaces within Canada

As we continue to face the challenges of our changing climate and growing social and financial inequities, we increasingly rely on the innovation and expertise of those working to solve some of our most pressing social and environmental problems. This week, Shads were introduced to some of these amazing problem-solvers as they learned the theme […]

Shad alum at TEDx: What if we didn’t have to be “one of the guys”?

As a kid, Emily Nichols wasn’t thinking about being “one of the guys”. Growing up on a family farm meant everybody pitched in – there was no indication that certain jobs were only for boys.

This early experience informed her TEDx talk, delivered recently at McMaster University. She challenged the audience to imagine a gender-equal world, asking them, “What does my gender have to do with my job? I never asked to be a ‘woman in engineering’. I just wanted to be an engineer.”

Empowerment through Education: How an Indigenous Youth is advocating through education to empower her community

Robyn Chow, a proud member of the Red River Métis Nation in Manitoba, knows the value of representation and sharing Indigenous history and culture with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations. As a member of the Kiskentamowin Advisory Council, which operates under the Indigenous Inclusion Directorate, Robyn and other members of the Indigenous community advise the Government of Manitoba on Indigenous education in the public school system.

LGBTQ2S+ advocate shares their identity and the power of the written word to change minds and hearts

Growing up as newcomer to Canada, having immigrated from China, Luna Yin (she/they) struggled to connect to the Asian part of their identity, feeling it sometimes conflicted with their desire to fit in with their peers and avoid feeling different. This feeling of conflict grew as they came to terms with their sexuality and their […]

Spotlighting Future Leaders: Shad Scholarship Recipients for Black Students Ignite Change in STEAM Fields

Congratulations to the recipients of the Shad Entrance Scholarships for Black Students.  Shad is committed to identifying young leaders who embody the willingness to go the mile for their community in an impactful way, and for overall excellence. These students inspire those around them through their changemaker capabilities and will continue to have a positive impact as they use their passion for […]

Spotlighting Future Leaders: Shad Scholarship Recipients for Indigenous Students Ignite Change in STEAM Fields

Congratulations to the recipients of the Shad Entrance Scholarships for Indigenous Students.  Shad is committed to identifying young leaders who embody the willingness to go the mile for their community in an impactful way, and for overall excellence. These students inspire those around them through their changemaker capabilities and will continue to have a positive […]

Embracing Asian Heritage: Khushali Shah’s Journey of Cultural Celebration and Unity

When Khushali Shah feels life is getting a bit too hectic, she turns to yoga and meditation, practices from her Indian roots that never fail to calm and ground her. These tools from her Asian heritage have become even more important since moving from a small town with a tight-knit Indian community to the much […]

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