Anjali Dhaliwal shares highlights from Shad and her passion for leadership

Shad provided over $1-million in bursaries for students across Canada—Anjali is YELL’s bursary winner.

Shads explore Shopify, Google and Mount Sinai Hospital

After a jam-packed day with industry leaders, Shads learn valuable lessons about life after the classroom.

Students choose university based on Shad experience

Deciding on a school is difficult for any Grade 12 student, especially without having a sense of what learning or even living on the campus is really like. Two Shads explain how the program informed their choice to rethink their previous plans and pick a school that felt like home.

CEO shares how Shad impacted her start-up’s success

Shad alum Bethany Deshpande is making a big impact in the dairy industry with her sensor technology.

A peek inside the 2019 Real-World Design Project

From the theme announcement to an incredible fertilizer prototype, this is Shad’s design project from start to finish.

Sophie Loughran with bottles from bottle drive

Aspiring youngster saves up for Shad 2025 with annual bottle drive

Sophie Loughran reduces waste with her annual bottle drive inspired by Shads—the brothers and sisters she never had.

Texas Instruments code Shads through simulated heart attacks and control robots

Eight workshops bring hands-on education through coding sessions that support STEAM learning

Canada’s nuclear waste management represents at Shad2019

Industry leaders expose students to the strategies and complexities of waste management.

1000 students design plans and prototypes to reduce waste this July

Shad program encourages design thinking through #STEAM4Good

LGBTQ issues top of mind for Shad of the Year winner

Jay Hamidova brings the power of diversity and inclusivity to her high school in British Columbia to instill change—with a leadership style fueled by her Shad experience.

Shads share expertise on social enterprise at True North conference

More entrepreneurs are seeing past their bottom line, realizing that true impact doesn’t just come from profits. Shads reveal that true impact STEAMs from a passion to create a better world.

Shad alumni among tech moguls that will be featured at True North

Soon Kitchener will be flooded with incredible innovators and tech gurus that will headline this year’s True North technology conference and workshop. And among the inventors, CEOs, and researchers who will present on topics like the inception of the world wide web and indigenous data sovereignty, there will be three Shads sharing their expertise on the intersection of social enterprise and technology.

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