When they learned that they had earned a Loran Scholarship, Canada’s largest and most comprehensive four-year undergraduate scholarship, Alexis Hawkins, Neila Selouani, Ellen Brisley, Graeme Hanks, and Vanessa Memeh looked forward to entering their undergraduate studies with a new sense of support and encouragement from the Loran community.

The scholarship provides these changemakers with a $100,000 investment in their undergraduate education and access to mentorship from one of Canada’s notable leaders. These Shad alums join the community of Loran Scholars who have been recognized for their leadership, character, and service to others and their communities. A total of 110 Shad alumni have earned this honour.

We caught up with some of the latest Loran Scholars to find out how their upcoming studies will help them continue to have an impact. Jocelyn plans to use the engineering skills she learns to help small towns tackle their unique challenges. Neila hopes to continue to focus on community engagement and volunteerism. Ellen looks to continue her participation in innovative start-upbusinesses that contribute to solving real-world problems. Graeme is planning to continue to contribute to his community through sports and music. Vanessa hopes to use her Health Sciences degree to make healthcare safer and more inclusive for both patients and doctors.

Click on each of the photos below to learn more about how the Shad experience and becoming a Loran Scholar has impacted these community leaders!

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