Shad is proud to announce a historic eight Shads were chosen from over 5,023 candidates to receive the prestigious Loran Award.

Click on each Loran’s photo to learn more about their journey. You can also view our 2019 winners here.

With the addition of these 2018 recipients, the Shad Network now includes 88 Loran Scholars. There were 16 Shads among the finalists for the prestigious award valued at $100,000 over four years. 

The Loran Award is a scholarship given by the Loran Scholars Foundation which works to identify and support young people who have the integrity and courage to make difficult decisions, the perseverance to work towards long-term goals, the curiosity to better understand the world around them and the drive to make positive change in their communities. The Loran Award is not a reward for past achievements, but an investment in a young person’s potential future path of high impact.