Shad2020 alumni Emma Harris, Younseo Heo and Kevin Wang all felt an overwhelming mixture of gratitude and excitement after they heard the news. After all, finding out that you received Canada’s largest and most comprehensive four-year undergraduate award isn’t the topic of conversation in your average phone call.

As 2021 Loran Scholars, they join an extraordinary group of students making a difference through their leadership, character and service. To date, 101 Shads have been recognized with the scholarship—a 100K investment to their undergraduate education and the opportunity to be mentored by an established Canadian leader.

We caught up with three of the four Shad alumni named scholars this year and are inspired by their passion for using STEAM to make the world a better place.

In the future, Emma Harris hopes to apply her knowledge in engineering to eliminate food insecurity in Canada. In pursuing medical science, Younseo Heo wants to improve the quality of patient care and medical technology. Kevin Wang hopes to study math and economics to make a meaningful change in public policy or education. Learn more about these inspiring 2021 Loran Scholars by clicking their images below!

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