Inclusion on the Dean’s List in her graduating class at Queen’s University, Schulich Leader Nominee, high school athlete – Primrose Chareka is your classic over-achiever. She currently works as a software developer at Citibank – a huge accomplishment when you think about how under-represented women are in the technology field. All of these things are resume builders, but they do not necessarily make someone inspirational, but Primrose Chareka is that too.

Chareka was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and moved to Canada when she was four-years old settling in Antigonish, Nova Scotia when she was seven.  Many immigrants that come to Canada struggle for years, but Chareka’s parents grew out of poverty and she was inspired by their strong work ethic. Settling in Antigonish turned out to be a blessing in disguise when at the age of 14, Chareka lost both of her parents and the community took her in.

Education became her way of honouring her mother’s legacy, but Chareka also made giving back a priority. She even took the time to inspire students with her own love of learning. She gave a speech to the incoming Shad cohort in 2020. Chareka credits Shad – a Canadian summer STEAM enrichment program for high school students – as being instrumental in her own success.

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