Q: How did you feel when you received the news?  

I felt extremely honoured and excited to become a part of such an inspiring community! 

Q: How significant is it for you personally to become a Loran Scholar?   

I am so grateful and honoured to become a Loran Scholar. It is very significant for me because I will be supported and guided by the Loran community throughout my university career and beyond! 

Q: What lessons did you take away from your Shad experience? Were any of them helpful through the Loran selection process?   

At Shad, I learned to collaborate with many creative minds while ensuring that everyone’s contributions were showcased in the final design project. My facilitators and fellow Shads were also a source of constant inspiration. Through workshops, round table discussions, and even lunchtime chats, I got to learn about everything from neuroscience to baking cheesecake! Shad provided valuable experience sharing my ideas with new people, and I used those skills in my Loran interviews! 

Q: What are you hoping to do after graduation? Do you have a long-term goal in mind in terms of the change you’d like to make or be part of?    

I will be attending McMaster University for the Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Science (iBioMed) program. My goal is to design more efficient and effective medical devices, such as mobility aids and surgical tools, to improve the lives of patients. 

Q: What advice would you give an incoming Shad2022?  

I would advise incoming Shad2022s to GO ALL IN!!! Get out of your comfort zone, make new friends, ask questions, and soak in everything you possibly can. You are in for an amazing summer!

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