Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi there! I’m Rihanat Alawiye, a current grade 11 student in Ontario, Canada. As a student, I am a passionate learner. I love biology and kinesiology as I learn about the human body and the functions of different organisms. Outside of school I have a huge interest in playing sports, specifically basketball. I enjoy staying active, travelling, trying new foods, playing the violin and meeting new people!  

Q: Why do you want to participate in the Shad program/ What are you most looking forward to?

I am very excited to be a Shad 2024 participant, as it connects my love for STEM, entrepreneurship and travelling. At Shad, I will be looking forward to the chance to engage deeply with STEM subjects in a hands-on and collaborative environment. STEM fields are fascinating because they offer endless opportunities for innovation and problem-solving, and being part of Shad will allow me to dive into those challenges head-on! And of course, the opportunity to travel adds another layer of excitement. Shad allows me to not just see new sights, but also immerse myself in different ways of thinking and doing things.

Q: What motivates or sparks your curiosity in STEAM and/or entrepreneurship?   

What motivates me in STEAM and entrepreneurship is the endless potential for creativity, innovation, and impact. STEAM fields offer constant discovery and problem-solving, while entrepreneurship allows me to turn those discoveries into real-world solutions that benefit society. Science specifically makes a difference in the world by addressing pressing challenges and improving our understanding of the universe. The collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of both STEM and entrepreneurship keeps me curious and motivated to explore further.

Q: How do you envision your future?

When I think about my future, I imagine myself starting university in 2025 and focusing on kinesiology. This academic direction not only matches my interests, but also establishes a strong base by combining my love for sports and science. Although I haven’t decided on a specific career yet, I picture myself in a position where I can blend my passion for athletics and scientific exploration, possibly in areas like sports medicine or exercise physiology. Apart from my personal goals, I have a deep desire to contribute meaningfully to society, especially by supporting disadvantaged communities. I aim to use my expertise and understanding to positively influence the lives of others, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background, has access to opportunities for health, happiness, and personal development.

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