Congratulations to the recipients of the Shad Entrance Scholarships for Indigenous Students. 

Shad is committed to identifying young leaders who embody the willingness to go the mile for their community in an impactful way, and for overall excellence. These students inspire those around them through their changemaker capabilities and will continue to have a positive impact as they use their passion for STEAM to drive change. 

We had a chance to catch up with these future leaders to hear what they are looking forward to this summer and beyond. Brooklyn is hoping to use her love of math and science to help others in her community. Ada is excited to explore ways she can incorporate One Health into a career in STEAM. Madison plans to explore careers in research where she can help find cures for common diseases. Sydney can’t wait to explore post-secondary and the ways she can create lasting impact as part of her legacy. Jazmin plans to pursue a career in medicine, with a vision of advancing public health policy in communities throughout the country. Phoenix hopes to help kids in underfunded schools gain opportunities that help them reach their potential. Skylar loves to explore new STEAM topics and how they can help her reach her goal of working in medicine. Raina is fascinated by criminal psychology and looks forward to exploring different career paths. Matthew hopes to engage others in important conversations and solve complex problems to achieve meaningful goals. Kayleigh feels fueled by her creative spirit and plans to pursue a career in astronomy or animation.

Click the images below to learn more about the youths making a difference in communities across the country.

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