A message from the Department of Knowledge Integration.

The University of Waterloo will be running the Shad Waterloo program from June 30 to July 26 for 54 grade 10 and 11 students from across Canada. 

We have been proudly hosting the Shad program on Waterloo’s campus since 1983. This transformational experience has a profound impact on these bright and curious students. Many students love the Shad Waterloo program so much, they decide that Waterloo is where they’d like to pursue their undergrad studies. 

At Shad, students participate in hands-on learning, collaborate in design groups, explore post-secondary, engage with academic and entrepreneurial mentors, experience vulnerability training, and meet some of the most passionate peers in the country. There are over 22,000 alumni from this competitive-application program. This summer, Shad’s live-in program (ShadOnCampus) will be hosted at 20 campuses across Canada, while the virtual ShadAnywhere program will give students the Shad experience anywhere they have a digital connection.

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