Q: How does it feel to be named a Schulich Leader?

I am thrilled to be named a Schulich Leader at the University of British Columbia this year, as this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity opens up so many doors to new discoveries, personal growth, and change-making. In addition to having more freedom to engage with my community, focus on my studies, and pursue my passions, I am surrounded by an incredibly talented, driven, and supportive community. 

Q: What motivates your passion for STEAM/Entrepreneurship?

To me, STEAM/entrepreneurship are not purely a matter of solving issues and introducing impactful innovations to the world. It is more about producing a solution that can act as a foundation for further expansion and creativity. From a literal perspective, making discoveries whilst collaborating with diverse-minded peers is something I look forward to whenever I start a new project. However, I believe that this philosophy also means providing everyone with the tools and resources to not only facilitate learning and community-building, but also nurture future innovators. I get to support and watch the development of the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, and leaders—how awesome is that!

Q: At Shad we are leaders in social innovation, how do you plan to use #STEAM4Good?

I plan on continuing to volunteer for and creating various programs to make STEAM accessible for all. Not only do I find tremendous joy in sharing my knowledge about my greatest interests, it feels even more rewarding when my initiatives inspire and empower those around me to find their own.

Q: What lessons would you share with incoming Shads?

Something I learned along the way while founding and running various STEAM events and organizations is that self-doubt is often the greatest barrier to creation. You are more than capable of making your ideas come to life! Be resourceful, reach out to others for guidance, and collaborate with those around you. Even if something doesn’t exist yet, you can definitely bulldoze paths for not only yourself, but also for everyone else as well!  

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