Shad York

Program Directors

Artem Solovey, B.Eng

Sr Tech Cyber Advisor for the Government of Canada, Course Director at York University

Artem Solovey (he/him) started his Shad journey at York in 2021, and is thrilled to rejoin the team as Co-Program Director. One of his favorite things about Shad is how much he learns from the students every year (probably more in one month than the whole year), and all the great friends he makes. He looks forward to sharing his passions in entrepreneurship and effective communication and getting inspired by Shads once again this year.

Artem holds an Honours B.Eng degree in Software Engineering and started his Master’s in Transportation Engineering. He has been involved in many of York’s initiatives in entrepreneurship, business, and engineering. These included being the Entrepreneur in Residence at the BEST Lab where students come to create their own startups, organizing many hackathons, and starting his own business to help the York student community. Outside of York, Artem helps judge at many events including the Canada Wide Science Fair, and volunteers for the Engineers of Tomorrow program. He currently teaches a course on Innovation and Creativity at York and works as a Senior Technical Cyber Advisor for the Government of Canada.

When not working, Artem loves reading fiction books and exploring the outdoors including hiking, skiing, and especially portaging in the summer with his dog Joey. Just not in July of course!

Adonai Garcia, MEng

Technology Team Lead at SARIT York

Adonai (he/him) is a transportation engineer with more than 8 years of international experience. He’s currently working on the field of micromobility and sustainable transportation as the technology team lead for SARIT York, a pioneering micromobility vehicle project undergoing testing at York Keele Campus. Additionally, his role as a Research Assistant for the Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (BEST) program highlights his dedication to bridging innovation and practical solutions within the realm of engineering and technology. This commitment aligns with his ongoing master’s studies in Transportation Engineering at York University, where he focuses on electric cargo bikes in urban settings, underscoring his expertise in smart mobility and drone applications in engineering—a foundation built upon his master’s degrees from Spain.

Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, Adonai’s involvement has extended to Shad Canada. Since 2022, Shad has been a part of his summer, and he is passionately committed to creating an enriching and transformative experience for the Shads.

In his capacity as a transportation engineer at RydUp, a startup that promotes ridesharing for communities, and through various leadership roles, including President of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) York University Student Chapter 2022-2023, Adonai exemplifies a proactive engagement in sustainable mobility, safety, and community service. His achievements, such as receiving the 2023 Graduate Student Research Excellence Award in Civil Engineering, the 2022 GIS Scholarship, and securing 2nd place in the 2022 App Challenge by Esri Canada, further accentuate his commitment to excellence and social impact.

Adonai’s broader contributions to campus initiatives, including the BEST Program and Teaching Assistantships, along with his involvement in organizing hackathons, volunteering at Engineers of Tomorrow and judging in different science fairs across Canada, showcase his multifaceted skills and his dedication to leveraging technology for social good, echoing the transformative ethos he brings to every aspect of his work and community engagement.