Shad Waterloo

Program Directors

Rob Gorbet, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Knowledge Integration

Rob (he/him/his) has been involved with Shad since 2008, as Faculty at the Waterloo (2008-2013) and Queen’s (2015) programs, and Program Director for Waterloo from 2016-2021. Shad has been a transformative experience for Rob, and one he very much looks forward to building and sharing with the staff and Shads each year in July.

Rob holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and taught courses in Professionalism, Technical Writing, Robotics, Embedded Microcontrollers, and Technology Art in Waterloo’s Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, from 2000-2010. In 2010, he had the opportunity to move to a new interdisciplinary honours program at Waterloo built on the principles of Shad, the Department of Knowledge Integration. In KI, Rob teaches group dynamics, collaboration, and museum exhibit design.

Rob’s research has included advanced materials for the automotive industry, interdisciplinary collaborative learning, and next-generation architecture. He has also collaborated with architects, artists and designers to help them integrate technology into their creative works. He is a principal at Gorbet Design, and his award-winning interactive works have been exhibited around the world.

Rob has three adult kids who grew up with Shad, and two of them are now Shad Alumni. He is passionate about relationships, words, interfaces, design, art, learning, and so many other things. He looks forward to sharing his passions and inspirations with the Shad Waterloo staff and Shads, and learning from theirs!