Program Directors

Charlene VanLeeuwen, PhD

Coordinator of the Teaching and Learning Center

When Shad first came to UPEI Charlene (she/her) got involved and was hooked! The next year she returned as Program Co-Director.

Charlene is Coordinator of the Teaching and Learning Center at UPEI. Teaching and learning is intertwined in much of what Charlene does, it’s one of her passions. She completed her Bachelor of Applied Science at the University of Guelph, and later degrees from the University of Ottawa and the University of Prince Edward Island. She completed her post doctoral fellowship at Royal Roads University while also teaching courses at UPEI, working at two island universities on the east and west coasts And her educational journey continues with Shad each summer.

Outside of work, Charlene is an avid reader of mystery novels. As a volunteer she spends LOTS of time on the pool deck officiating swim meets. She’s also a board member with a PEI-based
organization that works with farming communities in Kenya, where the majority of farmers are women. She shares a love of gardening with her husband, where they happily divide up the gardens so Charlene gets the flowers and he has the veggies.

Stephanie Buchan, MBA

Assessment and Reporting Specialist, Calgary Board of Education

Stephanie Buchan (she/her) is a dynamic professional whose dedication to education, innovation, and community engagement defines her impressive career. With an MBA specializing in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from the Haskayne School of Business (2016), Stephanie is committed to ongoing learning, currently pursuing a Certificate in Adult Learning – Workplace Learning at the University of Calgary.

Her educational journey commenced with a Bachelor of Kinesiology in Pedagogy (2008) and a Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education (2010) from the University of Calgary. Demonstrating expertise in STEM education, data analytics, and innovative teaching methodologies, Stephanie has held a variety of teaching and leadership roles within the Calgary Board of Education (CBE).

Currently serving as a Specialist with the CBE, Stephanie excels in providing teacher professional development in instructional and assessment best practices. Her responsibilities include updating and revising assessment and reporting policies, developing teacher and school resources, and delivering impactful professional learning sessions for both teachers and administrators.

Beyond her teaching roles, Stephanie also serves as the Curriculum Director at Wild Life Outdoor Adventures, a Calgary-based start-up. Here, she nurtures outdoor literacy skills through educational content and engaging activities, showcasing her innovative and strategic thinking to contribute to the company’s growth.

In her personal time, Stephanie finds joy in mountain retreats and exploring new countries, driven by her love for diverse foods and cultures. This global perspective and her enthusiasm for new experiences complement her professional endeavors, making Stephanie an inspiring leader in education and community engagement.

Stephanie has been involved with Shad Canada since 2019, initially serving as Program Manager with the Shad Calgary Campus. Anticipating her upcoming role with the UPEI Campus team this summer, Stephanie looks forward to learning with this year’s Shad team and participants while exploring the vibrant Maritimes.