Shad UNB

Program Directors

Katie Skead, MScE, P.Eng

Outreach and Communications Coordinator, Faculty of Engineering

Katie Skead (she/her) is the Outreach and Communications Coordinator with the Faculty of Engineering at UNB. After completing both her undergraduate and master’s degrees in Civil Engineering at UNB, Katie sought experience internationally working with an engineering consulting firm in New Zealand. Her love of the community atmosphere at UNB brought her back to the university. Now through a variety of programs delivered on and off campus, Katie strives to provide meaningful experiences for all ages of engineers and scientists-to-be, as well as connect fellow alumni with each other, the school, and our future generations.

Katie has been involved with Shad since 2019, and looks forward to being inspired by a new group of students each year. She gets excited when Shads bring their enthusiasm and passion into each part of the program and build community together in such a short time.

Katie’s “free-time” is spent chasing her two children and chairing the hospitality committee for the Harvest Music Festival.

Ian Fogarty, BSc, BEd, MSc

Physics and chemistry educator

Ian Fogarty (he/him) teaches Chemistry, Physics and Math to 16-18 year old students at Riverview High School, a public school on the east coast of Canada. He left the research world designing anti-cancer radiopharmaceuticals to innovate how we learn and teach science. Some of his innovations include the creation of the first “Collaborative Classroom” that has more than one SMARTBoard in a classroom and an assessment model that has no grades until the end, which allows students to personalize their learning and focus on competencies.

He was the first Canadian to make the podium at the Microsoft Global Teacher event, to win the NSTA STEM Educator and FETC STEM Awards. In 2019, he was a top 50 finalist at the Global Teacher Prize (Dubai). His transdisciplinary projects won a top 10 in the world for sustainability in education (LA), top 100 in the world of innovation in education (Helsinki) and an Editor’s Choice award at the World Maker Fair (NYC).

His work has been published in over 9 books and he has contributed to 4 books and 3 Master’s Level textbooks in education and art. His most recent projects has students learn engineering by 3D printing and soldering lights for those living in light poverty ( Other projects use art to help physics students befriend the nervousness of exploring the edge of the unknown and is the subject of this master class at the largest teacher summit in the world. Ian owes much of this success at high school to his time with Shad, where he started in 2006.