Shad OntarioTech

Program Directors

Osman Hamid, EdD, MBA

Director of Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Osman (he/him) is the Director of Creativity and Entrepreneurship at Ontario Tech University. He is passionate about the entrepreneurial mindset and the experiential learning potential that can come from it. He leverages that passion to lead the Brilliant Catalyst, Durham Region’s university-based incubator, which propels “tech with a conscience” innovation changemakers and supports them through their entrepreneurial journey.

Osman’s involvement with Shad started in 2019 as the Shad Program Director for Ryerson University. He is excited to show Shad the exciting innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship happening at Ontario Tech and Durham region.

Osman completed his Doctor of Education at Western University, a Masters of Business of Administration and Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University and an Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance from Seneca College. He is also a proud volunteer with the Loran Scholars Foundation as a Selection Committee Chair.

Lina Hamouda, BEd

Program Coordinator, Brilliant Catlayst

Lina Hamouda (she/her) serves as the Program Coordinator for Brilliant Catalyst, the start-up incubator at Ontario Tech University. Her expertise in entrepreneurship, innovative ideas, and unique solutions is evident in her leadership of the Start-Up Visa Program in Brilliant Catalyst, which fosters a community of international changemakers.

Her passion for innovation, mentorship, creativity, and program coordination is rooted in her transformative experience with Shad, which inspired her to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. Lina’s leadership skills and expertise in unique solutions and innovative ideas are evident through her successful coordination of Shad Ontario Tech. She thrives in the dynamic environment of trailblazers, entrepreneurs, and leaders, continuously seeking novel ways to connect ideas, concepts, and people. Her commitment to creating unparalleled opportunities for growth and driving meaningful change speaks to her dedication and vision in successful programming.

What excites Lina most about Shad is the abundance of opportunities, knowledge, and insights that can be gained from the talented students. The diversity of experiences and perspectives brought by the shads is invaluable and provides a unique platform for growth and learning.