Shad McMaster

Program Directors

Ruth MacSween


Ruth (she/her) has been a part of Shad since 2008 and has experienced three different Shad programs over the years. She began as a program manager and continues to serve in the role as Assistant Program Director for the Shad McMaster program.

Currently, Ruth is a guidance counsellor with the York Region District School Board. Ruth has a wealth of experience in both business and education. She has degrees in education from Ryerson University and the University of Toronto and a Master’s degree in Education: Counselling Psychology from OISE, U of T. 

As a former chair of the Ontario-wide White Pine Reading Program, Ruth recognizes the value of literature reading up to 60 books a year for the program. Making good use of her sense of humour, Ruth takes an active interest in mental health issues and the promotion of wellness.

Krisanne Nunes, BA, BEd

Elementary Occasional Teacher

Krisanne (she/her) was thrilled to join the Shad McMaster team in 2013 and has never looked back. Over the years she has been Teaching Fellow and Program Manager, and is excited to take on the new challenge of Assistant Program Director. At Shad, she looks forward to the fun she has meeting and learning from the diverse experiences and passions of exceptional youth.

Krisanne has more than 15 years of experience educating in different sectors, including in education, retail marketing, publication, and entertainment. She is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario where she holds a Bachelor of Education and degrees in English and music. As an elementary occasional teacher with the Thames Valley District School Board, Krisanne loves working with a wide variety of ages, and especially Kindergarten. When it comes to enabling and sharing exceptional learning experiences, she believes there are many connections between young children and teens and considers it a privilege that she gets to experience it at many levels and ages.

Krisanne loves to celebrate kindness and beauty in all things and is passionate about music and the arts: she sings and is an active solo, choral, and church accompanist (piano), has stage-managed plays from London, ON to off-Broadway in New York City, and volunteers as manager for a small London-based community choir. Outside of teaching and music, Krisanne also works as a technical writer and copy editor. In her spare time, Krisanne is an unapologetic lover of books, particularly fantasy, and is a serial crafter: she knits, designs quilts, paints, and creates with various paper crafts.