Shad Manitoba

Program Directors

Danielle Pahud, PhD

Instructor II in Physics and Astronomy

Danielle (she/her) is excited to help start up the Shad program at the University of Manitoba, since science and STEAM outreach are a few of her favourite things. She has contributed to Shad since 2020 and has grown to love it more each year.

Danielle has a Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics from the University of Alberta. While doing her PhD at Boston University, she studied how structures in the solar wind (made up of protons, electrons, and magnetic fields) evolve between the Sun, the Earth, and drive space weather. Along the way, she discovered how much she loved outreach and mentoring students. This prepared her for her role at the University of Manitoba, where she teaches courses and labs at all levels, is Director of the Lockhart Planetarium on campus, and runs the Astronomical Observatories. With these facilities, she reacquaints Manitobans with the night sky. Having a special affection for the intersection of science and art, she has co-hosted special events like Poetry in the Planetarium and Ancient Skies—a retelling of Greek myths paired with a constellations tour—and helped create an art installation atWinnipeg’s Nuit Blanche.

When she isn’t thinking about astrophysics, or telling people how great it is, Danielle enjoys being outside and being active, traveling, running, gardening, and spending quality time with friends and family.


Paul Messing

Instructor II in Biology

Paul Messing (he/him) teaches anatomy, physiology, and ecology courses in the Department of Biology at the University of Manitoba, and volunteers with the Boreal Forest Ecological Education Centre, an outdoor education centre that inspires students to learn more about sustainability, climate action, and well-being. He is excited to take on the role of Program Co-Director for Shad Manitoba.

In addition to ecological education, Paul also loves international opportunities: his PhD (from the University of Manitoba) included extensive work with an environmental contamination centre in Costa Rica, and he is often found travelling in search of yet another way to support young folks in accessing education.

Over the past few years, Paul has had an amazing time getting to know Shads from coast to coast. He can’t wait to meet this year’s group and explore the University of Manitoba together!