Shad Laurier

Program Director

Sunny Wang, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics

Sunny (she/her) grew up in China and came to Canada for her PhD study. She graduated from the University of Waterloo with a doctor’s degree in Statistics.

Currently, Sunny Wang is an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. As a Statistician and Data Scientist, Sunny’s research focuses on developing new statistical machine learning tools to uncover stories buried in vast amounts of data, and understand complex systems such as human dynamics and high dimensional data arising from medical and financial fields. Sunny has received many research grants to support her research. She has supervised more than 40 undergraduate, master’s and PhD. students. She dedicates herself to teaching, and has been recognized by her faculty and universities through teaching excellence awards. Sunny also devotes herself to Statistical Education, and Shad provides such a valuable outreach venue for her.

Sunny’s journey with Shad started in 2019. While shadowing Shad Calgary and Shad Memorial, Sunny observed and experienced the Shad magic – a life-changing experience! Since then, Sunny has been the program director for virtual and in-person Shad programs.

In her spare time, Sunny likes to meet people and get to know different cultures. Sunny loves spending time with her family! She loves traveling, reading, playing Chinese checkers and Go.