Sophie Loughran with bottles from bottle drive

Aspiring youngster saves up for Shad 2025 with annual bottle drive

Sophie Loughran reduces waste with her annual bottle drive inspired by Shads—the brothers and sisters she never had.

Shad Ryerson 2019

Unforgettable connections. New experiences. And a memorable July. Shad2019 Marusia recaps her time at Shad Ryerson.

4 Highlights from Shad’s visit with Mac Eng

Last week, McMaster Engineering hosted a series of workshops and lectures for 56 Shad students from across the country.

Shad York 2019

Waste management. Algonquin Park. And entrepreneurship. Shad2019s recap the inaugural Shad York program.

Shad Calgary 2019

Anticipation. Cheers. And shimmering lakes. Shad Calgary goes to Banff!

Shad students showcase musical talent

Subjects like science, math and English form the backbone of a well-rounded education, but students from across the country have learned during their stay in Thunder Bay that music also has an important role to play.

Shad Waterloo 2019

Community outreach. KidsAbility. And agriculture. Waterloo Shads put their designer brains to work by playing in the dirt.

Shad UPEI 2019

Bio-printing. Red rock beaches. And Anne of Green Gables. Get caught up on what’s happening at Shad UPEI.

Shad Queen’s 2019

Workshops. Beaver walks. And Wolfe Island. Shad2019 Catherine recaps her time at Shad Queen’s.

Shad Saskatchewan 2019

Bright lights. Chemical engineering. And the great outdoors. Get a glimpse into the life of a Shad at University of Saskatchewan.

Texas Instruments code Shads through simulated heart attacks and control robots

Eight workshops bring hands-on education through coding sessions that support STEAM learning

Shad Mount Allison 2019

Farmers’ Markets. Videography. And Unity in Community. Shad2019s capture a day at Shad Mount Allison.

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