Shad UPEI 2019

Bio-printing. Red rock beaches. And Anne of Green Gables. Get caught up on what’s happening at Shad UPEI.

Shad Queen’s 2019

Workshops. Beaver walks. And Wolfe Island. Shad2019 Catherine recaps her time at Shad Queen’s.

Shad Saskatchewan 2019

Bright lights. Chemical engineering. And the great outdoors. Get a glimpse into the life of a Shad at University of Saskatchewan.

Texas Instruments code Shads through simulated heart attacks and control robots

Eight workshops bring hands-on education through coding sessions that support STEAM learning

Shad Mount Allison 2019

Farmers’ Markets. Videography. And Unity in Community. Shad2019s capture a day at Shad Mount Allison.

Shad Western 2019

Pelee Island. Teamwork. And friendship. Hear all the details of Shad Western’s trip to the southernmost part of Canada.

Shad Dalhousie 2019

Healthy habits. Design thinking. And House time. Shad2019 Jessica outlines a typical day at Shad Dalhousie

Shad UNB 2019

3D Modelling. Robotics. And Talent Shows. Shads at Shad UNB share highlights from their second week at Shad.

Canada’s nuclear waste management represents at Shad2019

Industry leaders expose students to the strategies and complexities of waste management.

Shad Memorial 2019

Beaches. Mines. And Lighthouses. Shad2019s at Shad Memorial share details of their explorations of Newfoundland.

Shad McMaster 2019

Enriching. Engaging. And Extraordinary. Three Shad2019s share the highlights of their first week at Shad McMaster.

Shad program will take on waste reduction

This year’s month-long Shad program began on Sunday, June 30 at the University of Waterloo with the arrival of 54 of the best and brightest high school students from across Canada.

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