Mesgna Mesgna


Q: How did you feel when you received the news?
A: All I could hear was the shuffling of pages as a new chapter of my life was beginning. The goals that I’ve set for myself all throughout my high school career were slowly starting to become more tangible and that itself was a surreal moment.

Q: How significant is it for you personally to become a Loran Scholar?
A: Incredibly so because, as I’ve learned throughout the national selections process, this scholarship is way more than just a cheque assigned with a large sum of money. This scholarship is a breadth of experiences, networks, and opportunities that I will personally hold very dear and make great use of.

Q: What are you hoping to do after graduation?  Do you have a long term goal in mind in terms of the kind of change you’d like to make or be part of?
A: I’m hoping to pursue a degree in computer science and business administration that will act as a stepping stone to developing software under my own entrepreneurial endeavours. As far as the change I’d be a part of it, I say stay tuned.

Q: Do you believe your time at Shad had an impact on your Loran Award?
A: Most definitely. My time at Shad at the University of Waterloo (the best campus) saw that I was exposed to so many like-minded individuals that shared the idea of passion but reflected it in so many unique ways which inspired me to get started on initiatives that I believe really gave me the opportunity to win something like the Loran award.

Q: What advice would you give an incoming Shad 2019?
A: Detach yourself from embarrassment and ego and completely immerse yourself in the program. Don’t view Shad as an opportunity to showcase what you’ve done, but as an opportunity to grow yourself and learn. With that being said, share your experiences with the other brilliant Shads and never stop asking questions. In closing, understand that you only have a little under a month to create as many life-long connections as you can so be sure to put yourself out there on the first day and as the great Professor Rob Gorbet says, be vulnerable.

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