Trina Sallerina

Northern Recruitment Specialist

As the Northern Recruitment Specialist, Trina promotes and models Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit working with students, school staff, community members, elders and Nunavut stakeholders. Trina is working to showcase Shad’s educational opportunities to students as they enter high school and look towards post-secondary options.

Trina is inspired by Shad’s welcoming and inclusive environment.  She is inspired to help find supports for Nunavut students in the recruitment process as Shad embraces reconciliation and acknowledges the Calls to Action.

Trina holds a degree in Education from the Nova Scotia Teacher’s College. She graduated in 1995 and spent her 27-year career in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut dedicating her time and love of learning with students, colleagues and community members as a teacher, principal, volunteer, coach and youth mentor.

Outside of work, Trina loves travelling with her husband and grandchildren, ATV riding, taking pictures of the tundra and reading.