Shad2021 Ryerson – Program Experience Manager

What is Shad Canada?

Program runs Monday, July 5 to Friday, July 30, 2021

Shad Canada is a registered charity that empowers exceptional high school students – at a pivotal point in their education – to recognize their own capabilities and envision their extraordinary potential as tomorrow’s leaders and change makers. This year, Shad Canada will provide the opportunity for students from across Canada to attend a month-long virtual summer program at one of 16 Canadian host universities, focused on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & math). The participants are secondary school students (grades 10 and 11) who are exceptionally well rounded in the areas of academic performance, creativity, community contributions and leadership.

Our virtual program requires a dedicated and responsible Program Experience Manager who can help bring program activities to life and ensure engagement of Shad participants.

About the role:

As the Program Experience Manager, you’ll play a critical role in delivering a top-notch participant experience for the Shad online program.  The Program Experience Manager is the lead on program coordination, student communications, community building supports, and technology support and logistics.

The Program Experience Manager position provides a great opportunity for someone who enjoys working with people and technology, is detail oriented, organized, and problem solves effectively when unexpected situations arise.

In order to generate a transformational online experience at Shad, the Program Experience Manager is highly involved in the pre-planning of the program. This opportunity runs from March – July (part-time from March – June and then full-time online during the program in July).

Responsibilities include: 

Program Coordination and Communication

  • Support the Program Director(s) with the coordination of the program schedule.
  • Provide logistical support for all campus program activities.
  • Act as main point of contact between the campus program and Shad Canada on nationally sourced virtual field trip providers and national keynotes, and program team training as required.
  • Develop, refine, and implement a communications plan and schedule for pre-program and in program requirements.
  • Act as the main point of contact for program participants in advance of the program.
  • Coordinate, review, and follow up where needed on information required by program participants (Shad Speaks etc.).
  • Lead and/or participate in online training for the campus program team.

Platform Logistics and Technology

  • Work with Program Director(s) to determine campus program technology platform (if required).
  • Set up all Shad team member and participant accounts on online platform.
  • Establish campus’ online user guidelines that supplement the Shad Canada Participant Handbook and reflect university requirements.
  • Communicate all platform requirements with Shad participants ahead of the program.
  • Facilitate platform training and testing with Shad team members and participants ahead of the program.
  • Provide technology support and troubleshooting throughout the program.
  • Create and generate user platform reports, as required, to support participant engagement.
  • At the completion of the program, remove all participant accounts from platform.
  • Act as technology link between Shad Canada and the University (if applicable).

Community Building

  • Working collaboratively with the program team members, identify, create and implement activities to create a positive, inclusive and engaging online community.
  • Design and administer in-program feedback surveys to identify opportunities to enhance the Shad participant experience.
  • Identify risks associated with the program and ensure mitigation strategies have been developed to support the overall community.
  • Oversee community projects including monthbook, shad swag, coffee houses, ect.

Successful applicants will have the following characteristics:

  • Strong technology skills and online learning experience
  • Familiarity with youth and communicating with them
  • Attention to detail and highly organized
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to problem solve effectively
  • Effectiveness working in a team
  • A ‘Can-Do’ attitude, with the ability to get things done!

What are the expectations for a Program Experience Manager?

  • The Program Experience Manager is required to be available for the entire month of July for the virtual program.
  • The Program Experience Manager is required to be involved in pre-program planning starting in March (part time work until the beginning of the program). and preliminary training sessions hosted by Shad Canada, and other organizations, as required.
  • Play primary role in managing program technology including platform set up, maintenance, participant and team member support, and troubleshooting.
  • Support community building events and activities for Shad participants.
  • Ensure risk management frameworks and policies are being followed at all times within the program by team members and participants
  • Required to have a Police Vulnerable Sector Check completed.

How do I apply?

In order to apply to be a Program Experience Manager with Shad Ryerson, please email your resume to Shad Ryerson Program Director Anica Vasic by Monday, February 15, 2021.