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Shad makes it easy. 

Introduce your students to Shad’s month-long STEAM and entrepreneurship program. 

  • Free virtual school presentations – invite a Shad representative to give a virtual presentation at your school. Shad is interested in connecting with rural and remote Canadian high schools. Please reach out, we are eager to present at your school. 
  • Write a testimonial – share your love for Shad and inspire other educators and students.
  • Review the International Baccalaureate Credit – students can qualify for the creativity aspect of CAS through Shad participation

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Concerned about fees? Check out Shad’s bursaries.
Want to learn more about program specifics? Learn about Shad.
Affiliated with Shad’s partners? Full bursaries are offered through partners that support traditionally underserved communities.

“As an educator, I believe we have a duty to provide our students with as many opportunities as possible, and I would put Shad at the top because it has such a long-term positive impact on the students who participate.” 

Elissa Gelleny, Holy Trinity School in Richmond Hill, Ontario

From One Educator To Another

John Taylor, Off Campus Coordinator for Livingstone Range School Division, Alberta

Being an educator from a town with a population of only a few thousand, opportunities like Shad don’t come around often.

But they should. And I’ll tell you why. 

Two of our students returned from Shad’s program more empowered, motivated, and eager to drive their own learning; one of them started a robotics club at school, and the other received a two-year scholarship to attend Pearson College. 

Were they motivated before attending Shad? Yes. 
Were they visible leaders before attending Shad? Yes. 

But they were looking for more. More than what our rural community could provide them. 

Many educators think it is not in our job description to inform students about outside opportunities—but believe me, it is important for educators to support experiential learning opportunities because we’re the ones who see students in action. 

We’re the ones that help students realize their full learning potential. 

The students that attended Shad said ‘it was a defining experience in their life. It had a huge impact on them’. 

Upon returning, they said:

  • They loved meeting with experts in the STEAM and entrepreneurship field
  • They enjoyed spending time on a university campus
  • They were excited to meet different people from across the country

What I noticed, was how empowered, motivated, and eager they were to drive their own learning.

I think it’s important that students have experiences like Shad. When students immerse themselves for a whole month at a program like Shad, it totally changes their DNA. 

John Taylor, Off Campus Coordinator for Livingstone Range School Division, Alberta

“Shad is an excellent summer enrichment program that provides high achieving students with opportunities to develop 21st century skills. Many Shads have used these skills to gain acceptances to highly coveted post-secondary programs and to win prestigious scholarships. Students participate in real-life engaging STEAM and entrepreneurial projects while forming lasting friendships. Students return from Shad having blossomed and gained much self-confidence.”

Diana Wang-Martin, International Baccalaureate MYP Coordinator, STEM Advisor and IB Chemistry Teacher, Glenforest Secondary School, Ontario