WEnTech Solutions - Olga Bashalkhanova

This day marks the final day of my internship at the WEnTech Solutions Corporation. Sadly, my experience with them is about to be cut short – ending after having only spent two weeks here – as I am heading out of the country to visit my family. However, I can proudly say that the time spent here has been one of my most rewarding times at SHAD. The internship gave me an incredible insight at the inner workings of a software development company, providing me with a point of comparison for any future job I may have. Throughout my short visit here, I had a rare opportunity to glimpse at the amount of work that goes into data and research for a waste-to-energy conversion analysis. I spent a good chunk of my time organizing the information needed for proper assessment of the said problem, some of which included the analysis of chemical elements in certain products as well as the recordings of methane production over time. I hope my modest contribution has been helpful to the company. Regardless of what I will be working on in the future, I am sure this experience will be beneficial to my future career as well. 


Olga Bashalkhanova

Fredericton, NB

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