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I can’t be any happier when I found out that I would spent my August at the head office of Vancity, working with the tax department. I know, it sounds like I’m being sarcastic. How fun can tax be, right? Well, as it turned out, a lot! My manager gave me a range of projects to complete, from investigating why there has been a difference in GRIP (which stands for General Rate Income Pool, by the way) calculations between Vancity and the CRA, filling a tax refund by myself, to calculating the “Safe Income” of Vancity and its subsidies. Over the month, I’ve learned so many accountant and tax jargon, I’m actually starting to understand the jokes my bosses are cracking at me! Oh, and I am about 10 pages in the 2660 something pages Income Tax Act 2017. Wish me luck? 


For the past two days, I have been working with other interns (Shad and older) at Vancity on our Capstone Project. We were split into four teams, and each assigned a problem within the Vancity corporation that they are trying to solve. We were given two and a half days to come up with a viable solution, and need to present our findings in a 7 minutes presentation. My team is working on how to bring Vancity’s award winning financial literacy program for the underprivileged communities, “Each One, Teach One”, to more people. Although “Each One, Teach One” was launched nationally last year, we are exploring the option of bringing it online, in an attempt to reach a wider audience. We can’t wait to share our ideas with the VPs tomorrow. Fingers crossed! 


Jacki Zhang

Victoria, BC

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