Virtual Ventures - Bethel Samson

Virtual Ventures. If you search them up, their website says “Setting the trend in youth technology education,” but this camp does much more than that.  So far, I have seen very quiet children flower into excited and engaged learners during a computer science lesson, ten year olds learn to code a videogame using C sharp, and many Rubik’s cube competitions. 


Working as a role model and helper for so many curious and science loving children is an amazing feeling, but the environment at Virtual Ventures is also wonderful.  Each morning, I reach the back lawn of Carleton University’s Minto Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering and see the smiling faces of both the other interns and the campers. 


In class, I work with other camp staff to answer the students’ questions and guide them along lessons in a wide variety of topics, ranging from designing virtual characters using online software, to the basics of organic chemistry.  Today, I even had the chance to apply networking skills I learnt at SHAD and connect with executives at Lockheed Martin, who came in to speak to the campers.


I have enjoyed each moment at this internship and am excited for many more.


Bethel Sampson

Ottawa, Ontario

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