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One. Two. Three. FOUURRR!!!


It’s once again fiducial time (What is fiducial? We didn’t know either; apparently it’s a glorified name for role-call). The SHADlings are gathered in Dene House, Totem Residence, ready for an exciting day of adventure, learning, and creative exploration. Every hour, every minute of every day here at UBC, memories are created that will be cherished forever. Or as our UBC assistant program director, the sagacious Jess Tang, so often says:


“Don’t count the days left; make every day count.”


We are an Ohana, and our sense of community is something that cannot be understood until it is experienced first-hand. Though difficult times may pass, whether we are sleep-deprived, sick, or scrambling to complete our house projects, the SHAD UBC Ohana empowers each of us to persevere. At SHAD, the days are long but the weeks are short. One thing that we have learned is the importance of being present throughout the entire month. Here at SHAD, you get the most out of the experience by being front and centre in the action, by taking risks, and by being constantly open to new ideas. We believe magic exists, so long as you believe in its power. From the early morning fiducial to the late night snacks 14 hours later, we are faced with choices that determine what we get out of our experience here at SHAD UBC. Although it may seem intimidating to be your authentic self, what your choices are ultimately decide what the SHAD experience means for you.


“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they are never weaknesses.”


Right from the get-go, you realize how lucky you are to have been placed in such a beautiful campus. UBC is the perfect blend between modern architecture and mother nature. Our dining hall is 200 metres away from the great Pacific. Not only that, the Vancouver landscape is one of innovation and learning一 and our guest speakers have truly embodied this atmosphere. From the amazing Elizabeth Watson and the “art of the meeting”, to Andre Marziali and “Electrophoresis in Early Cancer Detection”, the skills that we have obtained are ones we see in the those with success, but whose secrets we never previously discovered.


Kenton Low on “Best Practices” and his experiences at Walt Disney


“Courage over comfort”


Courage comes in many forms. While there are some who display their true self through a booty-shaking challenge, others choose courage through speaking to someone new, sharing a quirky idea, or voicing their passions. Today, UBC SHADs choose courage during the annual coffee house performance through their exceptional talents in singing, music, dancing, and corny jokes.


Any SHAD would agree that the program moves fairly quickly and because of this, it is even more important to stay grounded. We are present, ready to experience the magic of SHAD UBC to its fullest. This is truly a beautiful feeling and was encompassed on our trip to Granville Island. After a long and fulfilling week of STEAM-inspired lectures and workshops, the SHADs were finally being shipped off campus for another invigorating outing. We were greeted by a gorgeous little shopping district situated on a peninsula off the coast of Vancouver. After a refreshing improv session at the Improv Centre, the 52 of us were blessed with some free time to explore the area. In our groups (of three or more), we ventured into the market to buy fresh produce, into little shops to scour for souvenirs, and into the land and found many picturesque views. To wrap up the trip, we had a picnic on a hill overlooking the water and in that serenity, every SHAD was swept up in the moment. Without questioning how or why we were there, you could feel the familial energy embracing the group. So, wherever we may go, wherever we are, the magic of living in the moment never dies in the family of SHAD UBC.


There is a reason why they don’t tell you the schedule at SHAD until the morning of. Every day is a surprise, and by looking forward to future experiences at SHAD, you miss many opportunities to create magic in the moment. SHAD is designed to not only be the best month of your life, but it will be the best month FOR your life, and by putting our full trust into the program, we can content ourselves knowing that whatever happens during our month of intellectual discovery happens for the best.


Or as we say at SHAD UBC, trust the process.


UBC SHADs at Granville Island


Credits: Kevin Tong, Linna Luo, Michelle Cao, Chanel Robertson, Zoe Morgan

Special Thanks: Gloria Lo & Ryan Zhang  Photo Credits: Jonathan Gin

SHADㅡ Stay Humble And Dream


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