SomaDetect - Catriona McIntosh

For the month of August I am working at SomaDetect, a small start-up based in Fredericton NB. You’ve probably never heard of it; neither had I before my interview this spring. The company is creating an in-line sensor that allows dairy farmers to measure somatic cell counts and fat content directly in the milking line. These are two of the main indicators of milk quality and herd health.

The idea, the company, and having the opportunity to intern at SomaDetect greatly interested and excited me when I first learned about it, but I was still slightly confused about what they really do. After two weeks here though, I can definitely say I know more than I ever could have imagined about milk quality, what factors affect it, and how useful it is to be able to monitor the quality. In addition to learning about the ins and outs of dairy, my role here has allowed me to see what it really takes to start a company. I’m more aware of the realities and difficulties, as well as the passion, hard work and excitement you must invest into your idea. 

As an intern here I have had the chance to try out several different roles. I have worked in marketing by creating a marketing strategy for their social media platforms, and I made a plan for it. Furthermore, I have conducted research into different hormones within milk, participated in and watched experiments, and I also visited a farm to see the sensor working in real life. Working with SomaDetect has been an amazing experience so far, and I look forward to my final two weeks here. 


Catriona McIntosh

Fredericton NB

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