SHAD Spotlight: Aaliyan Khan

My name is Aaliyan Khan. I am a grade 12 high school student at Brampton Centennial Secondary School in Ontario, and a 2017 SHAD Fellow. I am the owner and founder of a business called The Positivity Project, a business where we create postcards filled with a positive message, that are hand-written and shipped by us, with the goal of inspiring others and spreading positivity around the world! Here is a link to my business!



Many youth today are affected by all the negativity in society out there. Many suffer from depression, anxiety or other mental health issues which breaks my heart.  I remember trying to send a meaningful card to one of my friends halfway around the country who was dealing with difficult issues at the time. But it was so time-consuming, expensive and complicated. I wanted to change that and that’s how The Positivity Project was born.



At SHAD, I was with all kinds of like-minded well-rounded youth and received so much encouragement for my business.  I was exposed to mentors and so many amazing lectures that changed how I saw the world in so many great ways. One of the mentors was a corporate leader who gave me invaluable ideas on how I could get the word out about the Positivity Project and it has made so much impact to the business. SHAD isn’t just a summer program. It’s a life changing experience.  It will remain with me at The Positivity Project and for the rest of my life.




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