nvestorCOM – Meira Morphet

Previous to my internship, I had only been exposed to science, engineering, and medicine as potential fields of work, so when offered a business internship at InvestorCOM, I viewed it as a new learning opportunity.  Over the past month, I have had the pleasure to not only observe how a business operates, but be immersed in one as part of a team.  InvestorCOM’s main purpose is to help their clients build stronger relationships by optimizing communications through the use of financial technological solutions. During my internship,  I have been working with the finance team to gain both an understanding of and experience in corporate finance. I’ve had one on one accounting lessons with the controller to understand basic corporate finance principles, and a framework for my assigned work.  My project involves analyzing client contracts and identifying adjustments to increase profit. In addition, the person managing accounts payable has been away the past two weeks, so I have learned on the go and fulfilled many of those responsibilities.  I’ve completed payable invoicing, worked with financial software, entered esoms (Canada Post electronic statement of mailing), and participated in month end closing. I have also gained insight into managing customer relations and communications. The financial team and InvestorCOM have been extremely gracious in an effort to help me to learn as much as possible in a short period of time. My internship has definitely been enriching as I’ve gained new skills, grown my network, and experienced finance within a corporate world. 


Meira Morphet

Ancaster, ON

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