Critical Mass - Katherine Yuan

Working at Critical Mass has been an amazing experience. Everyday I learn something new. This past month my group and I have been designing an app for the National Music Centre. During this project we have learned so much about user experience. We were given the chance to visit the National Music Centre to conduct research for our lab. We also worked closely with the UX group at critical mass to develop user personas, flow charts and wireframe for our app. Through this position I have learned a lot about problem solving efficiently and understanding your market. This past week we have also been given the wonderful opportunity to job shadow a few roles at Critical Mass. It was so amazing to learn about all the wonderful work they do here from design to market research. Additionally, we were able to try the VR headset they had in their studio. This was definitely an amazing experience. It was especially interesting to see how they integrated that technology with the work they were doing for their clients. I love working with the people in this office and I can't wait for another wonderful week!


Katherine Yuan

Calgary, AB

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