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Over the past few weeks, I have been working at JiApp, a startup based in Toronto. Due to the nature of startups, I am able to see many different aspects of the business and I have had a pretty flexible schedule. A lot of our work is done remotely and over the phone, allowing me to experience firsthand how technology has impacted workflow.

However, I have gone downtown and experienced the joys of commuting during rush hour. Recently, me and two other SHAD interns have been working on promotional videos, which took us from Dundas to Bay Street, then to Union Station and harbour front. We also got to have lunch with two other SHAD interns from another company and share our experiences. 

I focus mainly on managing our social media accounts (@jiapp_) and planning our upcoming events (come visit us at the CNE Innovation Garage this Friday to Sunday!) which ranges from designing a snapchat filter to contacting possible sponsors. It’s been really great because we get a lot of creative freedom and the experience is really what you make it out to be.

It’s definitely an untraditional working experience, but I’ve enjoyed it immensely.


Brianna Fan

Toronto, On


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