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This past August, I learned that SHAD is much more than a one month experience. In fact, it opened up a whole new world to me as an intern at Medtronic.


The future of medical technology is unfathomable. Globally, scientific and technical innovations are continuously being made in the dynamic field of healthcare. Given the invention of new technologies and the advancement of existing ones alike, occupations in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are projected to grow faster than the average of all occupations (Dennis Vilorio, Occupational Outlook Quarterly).




As a SHAD 2017 fellow, this August I had the incredible opportunity to intern with one of the world’s largest medical device companies – Medtronic. Medtronic is a global leader in medical technology, services and solutions, challenging the status quo to advance value-based healthcare through its technologies and ideas. Intrigued by innovation in healthcare, I was absolutely elated to be selected as a SHAD intern this summer at Medtronic and expected to explore careers in STEM further.


Every day, I work with driven and inspirational professionals who pursue unconventional, yet extremely impactful careers in STEM I never knew existed! Medtronic has re-defined my idea of what a career in healthcare looks like. Similar to most, when I thought of healthcare, I thought of front-line healthcare providers like doctors and nurses, however in reality, there is a multitude of unique careers that can seamlessly integrate multiple passions together with healthcare.


A perfect example is Morteza Zohrabi, MD, who works at Medtronic as the Lead Consultant of Integrated Health Solutions (IHS). Morteza strives to improve patient experience by helping to reduce hospital wait times. A career at Medtronic is definitely a career that changes lives. 


Given how much I have learned not only about careers in STEM, but also about digital and written communications, marketing strategy, and branding, I wanted to share my experience with other SHADs. 


For that reason, Medtronic hosted the Medical Innovation Seminar on August 22 with the objective of equipping SHAD Fellows with the insight into STEM vital to becoming the leaders of tomorrow.



The seminar featured engaging speaker sessions, including an inspirational presentation given by Neil Fraser, President of Medtronic Canada. Beyond speakers, students were engaged in a career panel, highlighting strong women in STEM and their diverse career backgrounds, and an interactive speed networking session where they had the unique and rare opportunity to be mentored by and connect with Medtronic’s amazing employees from a variety of departments.


“I got to see how companies go about changing the medical field not only in Canada but globally by combining people with different skills to innovate new ways of improving healthcare,” says Angela Souza, SHAD Fellow (’17) and attendee at the Medical Innovation Seminar. “Being able to make connections with professionals from different departments within Medtronic helped me understand what different jobs and skills are required to help a medical company prosper and bring new medical technology to fruition.”




The success of the Medical Innovation Seminar is a result of Medtronic Canada’s evident welcoming company culture, effective collaboration among passionate mentors, and a common drive to inspire and empower youth.


“Being a good corporate citizen is part of our mission,” says Melicent Lavers-Sailly, SHAD Fellow (’97) and Senior Manager of Communications and Corporate Marketing at Medtronic Canada. “We are proud to provide developmental opportunities to youth in our communities, whether it’s through summer jobs and internships, or exposing them to careers in STEM and the medical technology sector.”




Medtronic and SHAD alike, organize initiatives that empower youth and work as catalysts for great social change. It is undoubtable that SHAD plays a major role in empowering youth; immersing Canada’s best and brightest with like-minded and driven individuals in a unique community that stimulates personal growth. I am so grateful to SHAD and Medtronic for making this summer, the best yet!


Interested in becoming part of the SHAD Fellow network? Visit shad.ca/apply to sign up for the latest info on applications.


Jane Jomy

Mississauga, ON


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